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Solid Perfumes and Antique Cases

My solid perfumes, in a base of organic unfiltered beeswax and organic jojoba oil, blend with your body chemistry, leaving a veil of fragrance on the skin. Each perfume is housed in a sterling silver case of my design -- not too deep and with rounded corners – that is hand-made by an artisan in Taxco, Mexico. The double solids actually provide three fragrances, as the two blend beautifully together on the skin to create a third perfume. Compact and unspillable, these 1/4 oz. (8 ml) solid perfumes are ideal for travel. Once empty, the case can be sent back to us for a refill, starting at $195.

Pictured underneath the standard cases below, we offer some special, unique cases for your solid perfume. I love the process of searching for these one-of-a-kind antique cases; each comes with a history in its previous lives. It is romantic and meaningful to integrate one of these beautiful cases into your own life. Any of them can be filled -- and refilled -- with your choice of solid perfume. Pricing includes perfume.

Bergamoss Solid Cuir de Gardenia Solid Fir Solid
Fir Solid Perfume 8 ml
Our Price: $240.00
Jasmine Solid Orchid Solid Oud Luban Solid
Jasmine Solid Perfume 8 ml
Our Price: $240.00
Orchid Solid Perfume 8 ml
Our Price: $240.00
Parfum Prive Solid Wildflowers Solid Custom Double Solid Perfume Compact
Parfum Privé Solid 8 ml
Our Price: $450.00
Charming Silver and Copper Watch Case
Round Limoges Enamel Portrait Compact
Victorian Banded Agate and .800 Silver Snuff Box Antique Square Solid Silver Patch Box with Deep Sculpted Repoussé Motif Oval 1880's French Limoges Enamel Portrait Bronze Compact
Square Limoges Enamel Portrait Compact Round Limoges Enamel Portrait Compact
Beautiful Antique Victorian Agate Snuff Box Antique Solid Silver Patch Box with Striking Niello Stripes
Silver small Case