Chef's Essence® Sprays

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Chef’s Essence® Sprays

The Chef’s Sprays come in a limited selection of our most popular flavors, from the same extraordinary ingredients as the concentrated Chef’s Essences. The sprays are diffused in organic grain alcohol, so there are no drops to measure, and the depth of flavor is easy to control. They are ideal for finishing food. Simple to use, 230 + sprays per bottle.

Fun, easy-to-use, and very economical, a drop or two of these flavorful essences transforms an everyday dish into something exciting and luxurious. They enliven everything from soups, salads, and main courses to ice cream, cakes, and mixed drinks.

Use these flavors to boost the intensity of ingredients like powdered ginger or fresh basil; substitute them for out-of-season herbs or unavailable spices; or think like a chef and layer other seasonings or Chef’s Essences and Sprays together to create amazing new flavor combinations. Be sure to try them in cocktails.