Custom Perfume

Creating a custom fragrance is the ultimate perfume experience, for both me and the recipient. I was honored to be named one of the seven top bespoke perfumers in the world by Forbes.

I begin your custom perfume process by walking you through the beautiful essences on my perfume organ in Berkeley, or if you cannot come to the studio, I can work with you long-distance (read more below) by sending you samples of various essences and blends to smell. I am fascinated to see which of the natural essences a person is drawn to; in effect, they form a unique self-portrait. Working from your responses, I create a scent that is uniquely yours.

Once you are happy with your custom fragrance, I blend a one-ounce eau de parfum in a spray bottle, a quarter-ounce of liquid perfume in your choice of flacons, a two-milliliter mini bottle of perfume for travel, and a quarter-ounce of solid perfume in a sterling silver case. I keep your custom formula on file, so that you can order refills of the solid or liquid perfumes.

Besides the option of the standard sterling silver compact for the solid perfume, you can select from among the antique watch cases and compacts available on the Solid Perfume page (click to view) and apply the credit for the standard case in exchange.

For your quarter-ounce liquid perfume, you can choose your bottle from the 8 styles shown here:

If you are able to come to my studio in person, I will guide you through an authentic experience with scent in the initial ninety-minute consultation. Rather than rely on questionnaires about food or lifestyle preferences, I take you on an aromatic tour of my collection of more than a hundred natural essences, so that I can create a blend based upon your direct, unique emotional and sensual responses to the ingredients themselves. As we sample the essences, I note your responses, both verbal and nonverbal, looking for the alchemy that will transform these raw, sensual materials into the right formula for you. Each scent reacts differently to each person's skin, and each person reacts idiosyncratically to each scent.

If you cannot come to my studio, you can still get the full experience of having a custom perfume made for you, using my comprehensive method for designing custom perfumes at a distance. I send you small vials of different perfume chords or combinations: top-note chords that form the opening smell of the perfume; middle-note chords that form the heart; base-note chords that form the final or "drydown" note. After you have thoroughly explored these chords, I work with the scents that you chose as favorites to blend a unique perfume, taking care to incorporate the ingredients that you responded to most strongly.

Either way, after creating your unique custom formula, I will send you a small sample of the perfume to use for about a week, and then adjust the formula if necessary. The final custom perfume includes the 1/4 oz. solid, the 1/4 oz. liquid, the 2 ml mini liquid, and the 1 oz. eau de parfum spray.

To order a custom perfume, select either In-Studio or Long-Distance and add to your cart.

Custom Perfume: In-Studio

Consultation in person in my Berkeley studio.

Price           $1600

Custom Perfume: Long-Distance

Receive a kit of sample fragrances in the mail.

Price           $1600