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Parfum Priv in ELLE!

"This perfume is perfection. If youve ever stepped out into a summer night and were greeted by the intoxicating smell of tropical flowers made even more seductive by summers heat, you have an idea of what pioneering natural perfumer Mandy Aftel has bottled in Parfum Priv" (click here to read more)

    I'm Mandy Aftel, welcome to my website! I create fragrances from my comprehensive collection of pure and natural essences that I have assembled through years of searching for the best and most beautiful varieties.

    I hand-blend and bottle the fragrances in small batches in my studio, and personally attend to every detail of the process in creating every product. I love adding a sense of luxury and well-being to peoples lives.

    Follow the Store link above for all of my liquid & solid perfumes, botanical essences for chefs & perfumers, face & bath & body products, perfumed teas, and educational materials. Shipping rates start under $5 in the U.S., and under $9 worldwide.

Cuir de Gardenia in
W Magazine!

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