Orchid Solid Oud Luban Solid Parfum Privé Solid

Scent Family: Dry Woods
Dark, resinous oud is the most expensive essence in the world - here 8 varieties are blended to get the desired notes. This is a perfume of great highs and lows, with no middle notes. It opens with the fresh citrus top notes of the finest hojari frankincense ("Luban" in Urdu) and resinous notes of elemi. Followed by balsamic notes of the faintly vanilla benzoin, the spicy-balsamic opopanax, and the fine cognac-like notes of aged patchouli. The drydown reveals the smoky choya ral and precious oud - intimate and softly animal, like a lover's body.

Perfect for layering with florals -- the oud brings an earthy richness that allows the florals to bloom on the skin.

Featured Notes
Top: elemi, orange terpenes, blood orange, frankincense CO2.
Base: oud, opopanax, choya ral, benzoin, aged patchouli.

Our compact, designed by Mandy Aftel, is handmade from one ounce of sterling silver and is presented in your choice of an orange or purple silk pouch.

0.25 ml - $6
of Oud Luban

1/4 oz. - $240