Patchouli Spice Body Oil & Hair Elixir Pear, Fir, and Coffee Body Oil & Hair Elixir Rose Face Elixir

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Crisp fruit and Fall woods with an earthy back note. Our body oil & hair elixir is in a nourishing non-greasy base of moisturizing organic jojoba oil and fractionated coconut oil. This lightweight formula absorbs easily, immediately moisturizing, softening, and conditioning. Damp hair is the most vulnerable to frizz: our oil won't weigh hair down and seals the cuticle to prevents moisture from creating frizz. It leaves a veil of fragrance on your skin or in your hair that mixes beautifully with your own chemistry. As a hair elixir, apply a small amount to clean, towel-dried hair, from mid-length to ends, to nourish hair and give it extra luster.

2 ml - $4
of Pear Fir Coffee Body Oil

105 ml. - $50