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Aftelier Perfumes – Photos

            Chef;s Essences

            Hawkers and Walkers Book

            Wild Roses A and D- one or both?

            Mandy and Saskia Wilson-Brown, head of the Institute for Art and Olfaction


            Jasmine Sambac package

            C magazine

            National Geo Ambergris

            Perfume Party

            Perfume Making Supplies

            Wild Roses early creation

            OSMOart 1/ 4 oz bottle

            Oman Royal Family samples

            Custom perfume packaging

            Chalkboard with Oman Royal Family sample list

            Wild rose trials

            Riverhead visit, Ice cream social

            Elements Showcase 2012

            Wild Roses EDPs

            Robertet 160 years of Roses

            Elements Showcase sign

            Mandy with Carlo Fei, VP Fine Flavor at Firmenich

            Perfume Class

            Chefs Essences

            Antique Solid Cases

            Mandy with Linda and Donovan

            Mortar and Pestles


            Oud Luban Liquid

            Perfume Class

            Williams Sonoma Chef Essences

            Bowled over by jasmine

            C magazine article about Alyssa Harad dinner

            NY times photographing

            Mandy and Kirsty

            Mandy and Harold McGee by organ

            Mandy and Shiva Rose by organ

            Aftelier Wall at Bendels

            books for research

            Recipe including peru balsam

            National Geographic Ambergris photoshoot

            10% off coupon

            Scent strip sampling new botanicals

            Flowers in Mandys garden

            Perfume Past reorders

            Sepia Inspirations

            Oil Kit

            Package from Ayala Sender

            New EDP packaging

            New EDP bottles

            New type set drawers

            Chez Panisse fig harvest

            type set cabinet

            Harold McGee

            Louis Vuitton City Guide 2013

            Flare Gift Guide Antique Solid Cases

            Holiday Sale Announcement Flier

            German magazine Shiso EDP

            Bath oil production pic

            Williams and Sonoma Chefs Essences in House Beautiful Magazine

            Holiday Sale Pics

            More Holiday pics

            Mens Fitness Magazine gift guide Williams and Sonoma Chefs Essences

            Holiday Thank You- Snowy tree

            Essence and Alchemy coverage in Psychologies magazine

            Bon Appetit Photography session\

            Perfume Class

            Mandy Grinding Cacao nibs

            Prive Mini Giveaway

            Plum Bar Chef Spray Launch

            Metling benzoin resins

            Frederick Schilling visiting Mandy

            Chefs Essences on WS shelves

            Custom Perfume for Womans parents anniversary

            Perfume Class

            Dinner with Harold McGee, Sanders, Hess

            Perfume-class supplies

            in Tony Conigliaros drink lab

            Reformulating Lumiere

            Alice Walker visit

            Honeysuckle is natural letter from Robertet

            Roses out in backyard

            Catching up with Avery Gilbert

            Michael Pollan Cooked Excerpt mention

            Backyard with Stan

            Vacations Mag Chefs Essences article

            Fig EDP giveaway

            Magic unfurling of oolong leaves

            Visit with Kirsti

            Perfume class May 2013

            Custom for Khaled Hosseini

            Blood Orange spray

            Techno Chemical Receipt Book with Cherubs on Cover

            John Sconzo drink with Essences

            Batch of Face Elixirs being made

            Mandy with Hall Newbegin

            Sconzo drink- Mescal with lime and rose

            Mandy with Becky

            Parfum de Panisse for Che Panisse fundraiser dinner

            Mired in Desire Elle Cover

            Japanese Magazine article with Chef Sprays- Puff the spray to add some zing

            Russian Magazine article featuring Mandy

            Butter and Sarsparilla Chef Spray

            Visit with Lisa Fong

            Vetiverl and Patchoulyl Acetate

            Mandy with Ross Urrere and Sandalwood powder

            New Mini labels

            Perfume class July 2013

            Russian magazine interview

            Visit with Dawn Clark and Tim Girvin

            Mandy and Basil at Basils opening

            Chocolate alcohol

            Book of organization featuring Mandys studio




Aftelier Perfumes – Press Links



Profiles & Interviews About Mandy

VIDEO: Yahoo! Second Act profile: Video Network CEO Spotlight




Vanity Fair


Harpers Bazaar


Fortune Small Business


Financial Times Seven Top Bespoke Perfumers


Entrepreneur .com Second Act


San Francisco Chronicle The Alchemists Life






Los Angeles Times magazine


Flare Magazine


Perfume Magazine


Where Women Create


Whom You Know


Nathan Branch Artisan Series


Alyssa Harad Perfumer in the Food World


Beauty News NYC Interview


Beauty News NYC Natural Perfumes


Shes Daily FiFi Nominations and Profile


Scent Hive


Seattle Met


Perfume Pharmer


Handful of Salt


Eyeliner on a Cat


Giovanni Fragrance Scout (Italian)


AM New York


Aromascents Journal (and studio class)


Your Livable Garden Radio Show


Fashion Tribes


Australian Perfume Junkies

Wiz Biz Magazine

The Daily Basics

Bon Appetit


            Interview Russia

            Lifestyle Mirror Website interview

            Virginia White log about class and studio

            Tim Girvin studio visit blog

            Seven Questions about Beauty

            Conversation with Mandy

            Art and Olfaction Award Judge Profile: Mandy Aftel

            Fragrantica Interview

            Blog Talk Radio with Doreen Bara

            BAMPFA BLOOK Interview


         Rose Levy Beranbaum profiles Mandy

            Handful of Salt

            Pen Women Presents interview

            Interview with Francis Lam


            Second Lives Club Profile

Articles Including Mandy


Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine


Scientific American




Huffington Post


Business Week






TugBoat Magazine


Sniffapalooza Magazine Daily Beauty Reporter,0,6698887.photogallery?index=la-ig-0930-indieperfumes-pictures-007,0,3296398.story


Inside Scoop SF10 smart things that Mandy Aftel, Harold McGee, and Daniel Patterson said in their class about flavor

            Blog thread speed dating with fragrances

            DIY Solid Perfume

            Indie Perfumers

            Natural Perfumer

            Cadfael book make-up inspired by Aftelier samples

            Violets- quote by Mandy

            West Coast Perfumery article

            Blog post about opening product packaging

            Article about Shalimar perfume

            Natural Perfume

            Alyssa Harad tour of studio

            Perfume Hikayeleri profile

            Article on Naturals

            Forbes article on Bespoke Perfumers

            Style Quotidien Luxury Botanical Perfumes

            Intimate Sense Notes from Fragrant Book Party




Book Coverage


Essence & Alchemy - Richard B. Solomon award from the Sense of Smell Institute.


Essence & Alchemy Elissa Schappell, Tin House Magazine


Essence & Alchemy Denise Hamilton Interview


Essence & Alchemy -


Essence & Alchemy Whom You Know


Essence & Alchemy - Bois de Jasmin


Essence & Alchemy - Curled Up


Essence & Alchemy -


Essence & Alchemy Review (Greek)


Essence & Alchemy (Russian - Ukraine)


Essence & Alch


Essence and Alch









Aroma, NYT 2005?




Essence and Alchemy


Essence and Alchemy


Essence and Alc


Essence and Alc


Essence and Alchemy


Essence and Alchemy


Essence and Alchemy


Essence and Alchemy





Perfumery Awards

Chosen by Forbes as one of seven best bespoke perfumers in the world.


One of the 25 most influential people in perfume by


On the "It list" of perfumers by Perfumer and Flavorist magazine


Honey Blossom Perfume: FiFi finalist (the "Oscar" of perfumes) 


Lumiere EDP: FiFi finalist (the "Oscar" of perfumes) 


Candide Perfume: FiFi finalist (the "Oscar" of perfumes) 


Secret Garden Perfume: FiFi Semi-finalist (the "Oscar" of perfumes) 


Secret Garden Perfume: Best of 2011 on The Alembicated Genie, Perfume Shrine, Now Smell This, The Non-Blonde, Indieperfumes, Fragrance Scout, Perfume Pharmer, CaFleureBon, and Pieces of Paper, Squiggly Lines


Cepes & Tuberose Perfume: Best of 2011 on The Alembicated Genie, Olfactoria's Travels, and Pieces of Paper, Squiggly Lines


Oud Luban Perfume: Best of 2011 on The Alembicated Genie, Eyeliner on a Cat, and Smelly Blog


Haute Claire EDP: Best of 2011 on The Alembicated Genie, Eau MG, The Non-Blonde, and Indieperfumes.


Wildflowers Perfume: Best of 2010 Scent Hive


Trevert EDP: Best of 2010 CaFleureBon


Tango Perfume: Best Scent from Sniffapalooza


Lectures and Exhibits

Smell (and Taste) the Roses, presentation with author and food scientist Harold McGee, American Museum of Natural History, New York,  2/23/11.

Review by Scientific American:


Silk Road Aromatics American Museum of Natural History, Lecture and Dinner

Nose Is A Nose


The Spice Route Lecture at Bowers Museum, Orange County - Living Perfume: The Natural Alchemy of Mandy Aftel


Edible Evening at New York Botanical Garden


Taught about fragrance design at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Ideo, New York University, London Design Festival (for London Slow Food), San Francisco Decorators Showcase, San Francisco Exploratorium, Women in Flavors & Fragrance, and the James Beard Foundation.


Apple - taught two classes for Jonathon Ive's Apple Design Team


Esalen Institute - taught a perfume workshop for the last ten years


Exhibition on the history of natural perfume The Foul and the Fragrant: Creating Natural Perfume at the Doheny Memorial Library, University of Southern California


Artistry with Natural Perfumery - Constructing Perfume: Scent, Space, Color at 3A Gallery in San Francisco,


Exhibit debuted at the Fifth Avenue store, Henri Bendel, and focused on education and the history of perfumery. Event Catalogue:



California Academy of Sciences - Multisensory presentation on perfume ingredients.


Scenting of Donovan Concert


Perfume Party


Elements Showcase 2012



Flavor, Chefs, Mixologists

Diary of a Foodie by Gourmet on PBS:


Gourmet Magazine


In Style Magazine Dinner at American Museum of Natural History


Lucky Magazine


Star Chefs - Alchemy of Taste & Smell, Astor Center NYC 2010, lectured on aroma & flavor, created courses for perfumed dinner with David Chang, Wylie Dufresne, Daniel Patterson, George Mendes.


Blue Hill Restaurant - created courses for perfumed dinner with chef Dan Barber


Sommelier Classes - taught classes to top San Francisco sommeliers for Rajat Par and for Larry Stone.


Taught about flavor creation at Clif Bar corp, Slow Food  (perfumed dinner) , French Laundry Restaurant (for chefs and sommeliers), COPIA (The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts), and the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone

French Culinary Institute -- class on creating flavor with Dave Arnold


Zester Daily


Time Out New York


7 x 7 San Francisco Magazine


Fragrant Fanatic


Nathan Branch - comments


Lost Past Remembered


Product Reviews – Magazines


W Magazine Aftelier Fir perfume on Top 10 all-time fragrance list - slide=8


W Magazine Parfum Prive


W Magazine Lumiere Perfume


Bon Appétit




Body + Soul (Martha Stewart Whole Living) 2010


Body + Soul (Martha Stewart Whole Living) 2008








Whole Living




Executive Traveler


San Francisco Magazine


Natural Solutions Bath


Natural Solutions - Perfumes


Nature & Health


Out & About


Natural Health 2008


Natural Health 2007


Beauty With A Conscience




C Magazine




Product Reviews - Blogs


American Express Platinum Card Top Ten Valentines Gifts Guide


Celebrities favorite perfumes



Nathan Branch   Aftelier Perfumes Long Distance Bespoke Fragrance - comments




Liquid Perfumes



Amber Eau de Parfum


Cacao Perfume



Candide Perfume






Cepes and Tuberose Perfume  (EDP)



Cuir de Gardenia Perfume








Fig Perfume (EDP)




Haute Claire

(+ non EDP)



Honey Blossom Perfume'%20Things%20Perfume%20Blog_%20Foodie%20Sunday_%20My%20mother's%20Easter%20dinner,%20Mandy%20Aftels%20_Honey%20Blossom_%20and%20a%20fabulous%20prize%20draw!.pdf,%20Memento,%20Wildflowers%20~%20new%20fragrances%20-%20Now%20Smell%20This.pdf




Lumiere Perfume





Oud Luban Extrait





Parfum de Maroc



Prive Perfume



Secret Garden Perfume   (page 10)



Sepia Perfume (EDP (EDP)







Shiso Perfume




Tango Perfume



Trévert Eau de Parfum


Pink Lotus


Wild Roses,0,5921182.story




Solid Perfumes

Antique Cases,0,4




Cuir de Gardenia





Fir Solid


Jasmine Solid


Muse Solid


Orchid Solid


Oud Luban Solid–-clarimonde-part-5/



Prive Solid


Roses Solid


Wildflowers Solid,%20Memento,%20Wildflowers%20~%20new%20fragrances%20-%20Now%20Smell%20This.pdf


Face Elixirs


Jasmine Face Elixir


Lavender Face Elixir


Rose Face Elixir


Wild Sweet Orange Face Elixir



Ylang Ylang Face Elixir







Body Oils

Ancient Resins





Chocolate Saffron Body Oil



Lavender Ginger Body Oil



Patchouli Spice Body Oil