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Celebrate the Holidays with Mandy at her Studio!

Our favorite time of the year is our festive holiday gathering! We hope you will come by to say hello -- we love to see old friends and make new ones. Come smell all of our gorgeous fragrances, and enjoy delicious nibbles of bread, cheese, & chocolate around our beautiful Christmas tree!

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Holiday Sale

New Limited-Edition Bergamoss Eau de Parfum

Vanilla Smoke EDP

Bergamoss features the sumptuous marriage of oakmoss, with its aromas of the wet forest floor, and the bright freshness of bergamot. It harkens back to the substantial and transporting chypres of old: rich and fresh, bright and heavy, sweet and loamy. Following the release of Bergamoss as a solid perfume in Summer 2015, I made an Eau de Parfum version of it for myself that expands those bright and foresty aromas in a perfume spray. I decided to release this as a limited-edition of Bergamoss Eau de Parfum for the Holidays 2015, bottled in an elegant, portable 9 ml spray for $60.

New Organic Black Tea: Orange & Cardamom

Honeysuckle Face Elixir

This delicious full-bodied tea is flavored with Aftelier Chef's Essences: the perfect marriage of mouth-watering blood orange and the spicy warmth of cardamom. Organic Red Pearls Black Tea, a rare tea from Fujian, is fully-oxidized Mao Feng tea leaves that have been rolled into small black pearls. They are then pan-fired where they develop a burnished sheen, toasty caramel-like aroma, and spicy, assertive -- yet wonderfully sweet -- flavor.


We hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving and holiday season filled with chocolate, joy, and lots of love,
xoxo Mandy, Foster, & Devon


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