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Mandy's new perfume: Memento Mori!

Memento Mori

Lovers Eye
A memento mori is designed to “remind the viewer [or wearer] of their mortality and the shortness and fragility of human life” (Tate Museum). Memento mori jewelry was known for its intimate workmanship, beautiful delicacy and close associations with eternal love and remembrance. Mourning jewelry was a way for the bereaved to hold on to the memory of a loved one who had passed away: a way of saying “gone but not lost” or “sacred to memory.” It brought comfort and consolation and was not morbid or ghoulish, but touching and loving.

Lovers Eye This was a deeply personal perfume for me to create. Memento Mori is about the tender memories of the skin and body of someone with whom you have been intimate, and the ways that you treasure and long for that which you remember when they are lost to you. We want to hold the vanished beauty close even as we experience the piercing quality of memory.

Lovers Eye I wanted to capture the musk-like smell of skin, using all naturals, which was quite a challenge. The wearer has the experience of the perfume changing on their skin, much as time changes memory. The carrier for the perfume is a blend of fractionated coconut oil and organic alcohol: to combine the lift of the alcohol with the tenderness of the oil. Butter, orris and beta-ionone with their skin-like flat but subtly floral aroma was the perfect entry into the perfume.

Lovers Eye Phyenylacetic acid combines the animalic with the floral. The rose notes are a soft and intimate bridge to the skin-like tones of the wood violet -- beta ionone -- and the rich but transparent patchouli isolate -- patchoulyl acetate. The luminescent texture of ambreine, civet and ambergris lends warm and sheer notes of musk that linger. Memento Mori is sold as a 1/4 oz. perfume ($180), a one ounce EDP Spray ($180), a 2ml mini perfume ($50) and a sample size ($6), available [here].


Daniel & Mandy

Mandy has been writing new book on flavor with 2 Michelin-star chef Daniel Patterson, to be published next summer by Riverhead Books! Based on their research they wrote an essay about spices, culture, and the value of cuisine -- featured by Eater SF, you can read their article [here]!

We have been having the best time creating a small fragrance museum, expecting it to open early next year!!
xoxo Mandy, Foster, & Devon


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