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New Perfume - Amber Tapestry, and Our Holiday Party!

Our favorite time of the year is our festive holiday gathering, we hope you will come by! We love to see old friends and make new ones. Come smell all of our gorgeous fragrances, and enjoy delicious nibbles of bread, cheese, & chocolate around our beautiful Christmas tree. And please invite anyone else who you think would enjoy it!

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New Amber Tapestry Perfume!

Amber Tapestry

Amber Tapestry is my new oriental amber perfume, evocative of vintage perfumes where the various amber facets are woven together like a golden tapestry, it wraps around you like sumptuous warm cashmere. I created my own dream of an amber base with labdanum and ambreine as the inherent structure; threading through it coumarin for soft powder, maltol for sweetness, and benzoin for rich texture. Meanwhile, shimmering ambergris embroiders a luminousness sheer texture and castoreum lends a touch of leather. Jasmine grandiflorum and Jasmine sambac combine to create an entirely new and richly layered jasmine. I feathered out the edges of jasmine with a bit of pear for fruitiness, and cinnamon for warm spice. I kept the top very simple with the freshness of yellow mandarin -- the most floral of all the citruses – and dusted it with soft heliotropin. Click [here] for more information.

New Organic Pu-erh Tea in Tangerine Peel

Pu-erh Tea in Tangerine Peel

Delicious high quality Pu-erh tea leaves from Yunnan are aged for four years and packed into the rind of a whole tangerine. Sun-dried for one week, the peel turns a deep brown. During the drying, and then aging, the pu-erh tea absorbs the flavor and fragrance of the tangerine. This pu-erh tea is earthy, smooth and full-bodied highlighted by exceptionally light notes of citrus. The citrus brightness is boosted with Yellow Mandarin Aftelier Chef’s Essence. Be sure to break off some of the dried tangerine rind and brew together with the tea! Click [here] for more information.


We hope you have a delicious Thanksgiving filled with joy and lots of love,
xoxo Mandy, Foster, & Devon


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