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Alchemy Perfume
Rollerball 5 ml

Alchemy Rollerball

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Scent Family: Floral Oriental
A voluptuous floral heart swathed in amber and vanilla, with bitter orange and black pepper top notes. A respite of comfort with its amber foundation supporting a traditional floral heart, finished with a splash of spicy citrus. Luxurious, uplifting, and universally beloved.

Alchemy was the first perfume I made for Aftelier Perfumes and has long been retired. For this holiday season in 2018 I wanted to bring it out again but this time in a limited-edition portable rollette (rollerball), using a base of fractionated coconut oil. Fortunately I still have a stash of the original essences that I used when I made Alchemy over 15 years ago, as the original ylang ylang concrete and vanilla absolute are no longer possible to find.

.25ml sample $7

Character: amber, floral, spicy citrus.
Fragrant Notes: Bitter Orange, Black Pepper, Bergamot, Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Benzoin, Labdanum, Vanilla.
Our Price: $75.00

If one is a novice to the realm of natural perfumery, Mandy Aftel’s new Alchemy will ensure your conversion as a true believer. There is no known substitute for beauty. And hopefully no antidote, either.
-- Ida Meister, ÇaFleureBon

Alchemy and Antique Ambergris are liquid art and equally exquisite… and the best I have smelled of over 70 naturals this year. Mandy Aftel continues to reign as the Queen of Green for over 25 years.
-- Michelyn Camen, ÇaFleureBon

Imagine a deep, dark, peppery animalic. Awash with amber vanilla and lightly salted ambergris. I’m totally loving the way this smells, it has the multi facets of natural perfumery but so beautifully blended that you’ll not pick it. Longer lasting than you would expect from a natural. / Very easy to wear and comfortable yet no way near as safe as that sounds.
-- Portia Turbo, Perfume Posse

I’m not sure I can overstate the beauty of this ylang-ylang being used here, the complexity which comes from the finest ingredients plus it has been aged for an additional fifteen years or so. The two aged ingredients provide subtle grace notes throughout the later stages especially the vanilla which finds just the right balance of sweet to contrast the resins. / Aged versions of labdanum absolute, vanilla absolute, and ylang-ylang concrete. These three ingredients are like early Holiday presents to perfume lovers. They are what creates the magic in Alchemy.
-- Mark Behnke, Colognoisseur

Some amber smells are familiar to us from our own lifetimes, but Alchemy is familiar from some centuries back, a perfume that could have been worn centuries ago. / The abundance of ingredients is a delight: black pepper to awaken the nose, ylang ylang that pulls us to the deepest of tropics and into a meditation of blossoms, labdanum, that sticky and divine dark resinous paste of such sweet and date-like thickness, sharp bergamot, and the aforementioned mandarin and benzoin. Put them together in adequate hands and they are a satisfying amber. In Aftel's hands, they are more: They're alchemically altered into something new, uncharted, and mysterious.
-- John Biebel, Fragrantica