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Green Tea Matcha Chai 25 gm
Matcha Chai Green Tea


Our Matcha Chai Tea is grown under diffused sunlight in Nishio, Japan, where the leaves are then ground into a fine vibrant emerald-green powder. I create our exceptionally delicious green Chai tea by flavoring the naturally creamy and sweet ceremonial-grade matcha with Aftelier Chef's Essences: vanilla absolute from Madagascar, cinnamon from Vietnam, pimento berry from Jamaica, and cardamom from India.

To make matcha: add a half-teaspoon of matcha powder to a teacup or bowl of boiling-hot water and whisk or stir rapidly until the green powder is totally dissolved with a bit of foam on the top. It is normal for a bit of the powder to remain in the bottom of your cup.
Our Price: $30.00

Her latest creation, the Matcha Chai Tea, is an aromatic revelation. The round warm notes from the vanilla reminded me of rose petals, which blew me away. Th spices come together to create a clean, sweet and creamy finish. It's already wonderful by itself, but I love to make it latte style with a generous splash of milk and a spoonful of raw honey. It's such a luxurious way to celebrate autumn and the holiday seasons. Get some for yourself and your loved ones — tea connoisseurs will be obsessed with this new tea.
-- Fête à Fête

If you love Ceremonial grade Matcha and also adore Chai Tea, then you will be utterly elated by Mandy Aftel's brilliant interpretation of their marriage. Mandy chose very very high quality Ceremonial grade Matcha-- and this makes a huge difference in the taste and the sensory experience of sipping this tea. Mandy's interpretation of Chai is itself a wonder, but when partnered with Matcha it is otherworldly. These heavenly spices pull back just enough to allow for an enigmatic comingling with the Ceremonial Grade Matcha. The end result is creamy subtly spiced Matcha that is utterly sublime.
-- Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog

The spices are on the milder side of "chai" – that is to say that this is not a spicy chai … it is warm with cinnamon, cardamom and allspice, but it isn’t peppery or spicy-hot. It’s a very "autumnal" sort of taste … like spiced cider or something (but without the apples). The vanilla adds a luscious creaminess which enhances the natural creamy quality of the Matcha. The Matcha isn’t grainy on the palate … it’s very smooth and silky. This is a VERY high grade of Matcha. This is apparent in the color of the powder, the bright, vivid jade hue of the liquid, and all that frothy foam on the top of my freshly prepared bowl of Matcha! It’s also apparent in the flavor. I can taste the quality of the Matcha – it is sweet and slightly vegetative, with a delicious buttery tone. It’s so creamy and smooth. This is REALLY good. If you’re a fan of Matcha … this is one to add to your shopping list.
-- SororiTea Sisters