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Forest Bathing
Eau de Parfum Spray 30 ml

Forest Bathing Eau de Parfum Spray

Scent Family: Woods
The divine alchemy of air and trees: the experience of the forest cannot be fully captured in words or images, because it is made up of the richness of aromas, the mood of light, the texture of air, the drama of upward motion, and our place inside that verticality.

1ml sample $7

woody, clean, crisp, cool, airy.

🌲Forest Notes:
•Hinoki – radiant woodiness
•Fir absolute – jammy sweet forest
•Cypress bioabsolute – rich, spicy, mossy
•Sugi wood – Japanese cedar, creamy with sandalwood facets

💨Air Notes:
•Myrrh from Namibia -smooth, fresh, resinous
•Pear- crisp and cool
•Linalyl acetate – a slice of bergamot
•Cypress – clean, airy, oceanic
•Beta ionone- transparent wood violets

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