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Olfactory Training Workbook:

Olfactory Workbook: Isolates

You can do this workbook at any time, whether or not you are attending the in-studio classes.
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The 110-page Olfactory Training Workbook: Isolates includes an Aftelier Natural Perfume Wheel©. Also available as a bundle with the Olfactory Training Workbook Volumes 1 & 2.

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The purpose of doing the exercises in this workbook is to train your nose and familiarize yourself with the different blending capacities of isolates that are similar to one another. Completing the exercises in this workbook will teach you how to study the aromatic facets in each isolate. This training will help you develop your capacity to make more precise and aesthetically pleasing choices about which isolates to include when you are creating a formula.

The natural isolates examined in this workbook are only a selection and in no way a complete list. They are representative of useful aroma facets that isolates can provide to the natural perfumer. You never make anything in this workbook, just smell things and take notes. Hold onto this workbook forever as an ongoing reference manual. Use it as a source notebook for blending. You will need the information you have added by completing the exercises in order to blend well.

You will work with the Aftelier Natural Isolates Wheel (on the back of the Aftelier Natural Perfume Wheel, which is included), studying families of isolates with similar character and train your nose to distinguish between the isolates within each family.

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One composes not with families of aromas but with individual essences and isolates. First you need to evaluate, in practical terms, each individual odor profile, evolution, and intensity. This paves the way for studying how these individual isolates interact in formulas and for developing the ability to predict and correct these interactions.

Natural isolates provide many things that are not possible when working only with only essential oils and absolutes. Natural isolates give fragrances a lighter and sheerer lighter texture in general and can often make the fragrance last longer. With natural isolates, the possibilities become endless in creating soliflores and floral bouquets. Floral top notes are in short supply in a natural perfumer's palette, natural isolates remedy this situation.
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