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Antique Ambergris
Solid Perfume 8 ml

Antique Ambergris Solid

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Scent Family: Ambery
The most-beloved scent by visitors to the Aftel Archive of Curious Scents is my sui generis bottle of hundred-year-old Antique Ambreine from Dodge & Olcott. It is also the favorite of my best friend Becky, and I wanted to make a solid perfume for her that smelled like it. Ambreine is the chief source of ambergris' volatile compounds, and needs to mature from 1-3 years to develop its full and balanced fragrance --- just imagine when it has matured for 100 years!

It is an aroma of the finest tonality: shimmering, ambery, animalic and transcendent! Because I used both antique civet and antique ambergris in this perfume, there are many phantom notes you can smell that come from the mysterious locking together of these complex aromas, along with some aged cypress. And coumarin weaves its powdery air-brushed texture throughout.

The creamy texture of solid perfume is the perfect medium for Antique Ambergris, where its opulent and extravagant lusciousness, filled with warmth and life, is worn close to the body. Gorgeous on its own, it can also be layered over or under any other perfume to extend it and add shimmer.

Selected Notes:
- Antique ambergris -- amber, warm, round, sweet, marine, woody
- Antique civet -- animalic, tender, floral, multi-layered
- Aged cypress absolute -- jammy sweet, warmth of the forest
- Coumarin -- powdery softness

Our 1.5" square handmade compact was designed by Mandy Aftel to fit well in the palm of your hand. Made from one ounce of sterling silver, it holds 1/4 oz. (8 ml) of solid perfume. Presented in a handmade silk pouch in your choice of orange or purple.

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Our Price: $395.00

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Animalic, chocolatey, earthy and rich yet light as a feather. This will fully fit the animalic cravers yet anyone who is terrified of that won't be overwhelmed. There's a lot more going on here than the animalics. Lightly salted chocolate covered caramel, woodiness, resins and amber all combine like a sheer gourmand.
-- Portia Turbo, Australian Perfume Junkies

The fragrance, presented in an elegant silver case, is an homage to one of perfume's most intriguing and storied components: ambergris. From this leviathan of sources comes ambreine, that which gives ambergris its characteristic complex and appealing scent. At her Aftel Archive of Curious Scents, the most cherished of all perfume smells is a hundred-year-old bottle of Antique Ambergris by Dodge & Olcott. She composed a recreation of this extraordinarily nuanced smell as a perfume for a friend and now releases it for all to enjoy.
-- John Biebel, Fragrantica

It was hard to believe that this lump of odourless rock could ever be made into a covetable fragrance, but it remains one of the most prized ingredients in perfume. When Mandy Aftel has worked her magic on it, the result is a beautiful fragrance called Antique Ambergris.
-- Sam Scriven, I Scent You a Day

Animalic perfumes are big these days. Loud, stonking leathery, sweaty, poopy perfumes filled with rough-hewn accords are easy to find. But Aftel has chosen to use ambergris along with civet to enhance the shape and proportions of the perfume rather than to create obvious bawdy notes. Aftel goes the step further and fills the spaces, saturating the perfume with fragrant images. Toasted coconut, sweet cypress, papery flowers, humid air, warm crayons. There's the sense that fragrant depictions haven't simply been put forward for you to recognize. They've been unlocked for you to play with.
-- JTD, Scent Hurdle