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Sample Oolong Tea Frankincense GABA
Sample Frankincense Tea

This oolong tea, from Nantou, Taiwan, has gorgeous fruit and honey notes. These leaves are especially rich in GABA, a natural enzyme that calms and relaxes. Mandy uses finest hojary frankincense, with its balsamic notes and citrus undertones that marries beautifully with this full-bodied tea. These tightly rolled leaves unfurl during the first steeping, and may be re-infused up to 4 times, retaining their fragrance.

This small sample should make one pot of tea, or several cups.
Our Price: $8.00


An incense tea! I love incense so this was a novel and fun experience for me. The scent is fantastically resinous, rather than smoky and it’s the fullest oolong tea I can imagine. The oolong tea from Taiwan has fruit and honey notes and is infused with hojary incense. GABA is a natural enzyme that calms and relaxes which is a definite plus. You’d think it might feel strange drinking incense but doesn’t. It’s perfect for de-stressing after work on a cold winter’s evening.
-- A Bottled Rose

The Oolong is lightly roasted, which creates a faint caramel-y note. The frankincense is not as perfume-y tasting as I thought it would be. It has hints of spice and flower. It is what I would call an androgynous tea as it possesses both masculine and feminine qualities. There are hints of smoke in the background – which may be from the Oolong or from the frankincense. The smooth, buttery essence of the Oolong seems to unite all of these flavors, making this a seamless tea experience.
-- Sororitea Sisters

Its taste was smooth and delicately aromatic, and definitely calming.
-- Scent Hive

I gained about 11 IQ points during the brewing process alone. A solid oolong tea base supports the frankincense delicately, yet gives you a nudge in your conscious. More than a daily drinker, this perfumed tea is getting placed in the best tea page with the quickness. Great stuff right here, gotta give respect to Mandy.
-- Dax at Tea Amigos

Damn, the taste and scent hits you like a ton of tea bricks! The thinly veiled taste of gaba masquerading behind the subtle hojary...mmmmm, heavenly combination.
-- Mike at Tea Amigos