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Secret Garden
Perfume Pomander 6 ml

Secret Garden  EDP 6ml

An elegant dropper-bottle of eau-de-parfum strength fragrance for use with our Perfume Pomander balls, or you can simply wear the perfume on your skin.

Scent Family: Gourmand
Like fitting a key in a lock, when you inhale Secret Garden, you enter a redolent and sensual wild garden, where the scent awakens a vitalizing force in the wearer. Secret Garden opens into roses and wood, brightened with mixed citrus. The jasmine sambac heart of the perfume, with its spicy indolic kick, paired with the jammy raspberry, lends the illusion of spice where there is none -- like the lure of a blind pathway in a garden. The phantom spice creates a feeling of hidden mystery in this garden. The sumptuous balsamic base is rooted in beautiful deertongue (*not* an animal ingredient), which combines the sweet and powdery notes of tonka beans with the aromas of the countryside.

1ml sample $7

Character: A super-heated sable pelt of a perfume: powdery, fruity floral, soft vanilla dust laced with aged patchouli.

Fragrant Notes: rosy raspberries, spicy jasmine, powdered vanilla, aged cognac, indole.

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The format is really a smile-enhancer - after just a few drops have been placed on the felt, within 10 minutes or less, you'll notice the space around you filling with a gentle, persistent perfume. It's the kind of soft, friendly talisman you can bring with you anywhere (in the pocket of a coat, in a bag or knapsack,) or left in a bedroom drawer, or tied to a hanger in a closet. It emits a soft but steady stream of fragrance. What I particularly love about scented objects like this is their longevity - felt emits the smell very gradually so it makes for a particularly sweet and pleasant experience. Having so many of Aftel's fragrances to choose from for the pomander also makes it wonderfully personalized.
-- John Biebel, Fragrantica