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Face Elixir 15 ml

Ylang Face Elixir


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Features ylang ylang, a creamy floral blended with bright pink grapefruit and luscious blood orange both known for their toning and softening properties.The soothing aroma is both fresh and floral. Drifting off to sleep inhaling this gorgeous aroma makes you feel as if all is right in the world.

My face elixir is in a base of oils: rice bran, sweet almond, apricot kernel, camellia, grapeseed, squalene, and rose hip seed. All of these oils are healing and promote cell regeneration. This fresh and floral nourishing treatment for the face is immediately moisturizing, softening, and conditioning.

Add some drops of the elixir to your fingertips and gently pat into your clean face before bed. This lightweight non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into your skin. You will drift off to sleep, in a light veil of fragrance that soothes and relaxes. When you wake up, your skin will feel wonderfully nourished and revitalized.

15 ml Bottle

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It was love after one prolonged inhale, but one application resulted in unmitigated and unwavering devotion. The scent is an intoxicating and tantalizing marriage of ylang ylang blended with bright pink grapefruit and blood orange- the result of which is a warm creamy floral punctuated by luscious citrus notes.
-- Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog

Hand to God, people, her elixir made me look instantly younger. Like TEENAGE years, guys. Pre-teen even. It moisturizers, hydrates and RADIATES youth. There's absolutely no messy greasiness. Just the clearest, brightest, softest skin I can ever remember experiencing. I wouldn't be surprised if people mistook me for a toddler. The difference between my skin when I use this and when I don't is the difference between awesomely perfect and gross.
-- FashionBinge.com

In Aftelier Ylang Face Elixir, the ylang ylang is creamy and a touch custard-y, yet its bright side also makes an appearance, heightened by the presence of the natural citrus oils. The resulting scent is smooth and sunny, uplifting and calming at the same time. I think I might even notice a touch of rose in the blend, but I could be wrong all about that. What I do know is that this potion's fragrance makes me smile.
-- Now Smell This

I expected the scent of this face oil to sweep me off my feet. And it did not disappoint. Rich, spicy, warm, and somewhat playful. It's quite multifaceted. Each time I smell it, I catch hints of something new. Creamy ylang ylang plays very well with citrus. Admittedly, this oil's fragrance is special and like nothing you've ever smelled before BUT it's not what sealed the deal for me. This oil's light and silky texture is out of this world. It is comprised of easily absorbed carrier oils, including antioxidant-rich rice bran, astringent grapeseed, soothing apricot kernel, and delicate camellia seed. This oil is perfect for those with sensitive skin and I would even highly recommend it for those with oily/combination skin.
-- Seed to Serum

Perhaps the greatest gift is to end each day with gratitude– and wake up refreshed and aglow. There are many ways to achieve this but you can count on Mandy Aftel’s face elixirs to deliver daily.
-- Beauty News NYC

My face doesn't look or feel oily afterwards and non of the elixir transfers to my pillowcase. Instead, the oils balance and nourish the skin, while the aromatic composition (ylang-ylang, pink grapefruit, blood orange) feels restorative and satisfying-- creamy more than floral, as is typical of ylang-ylang
-- The Non-Blonde

I am a huge Aftelier fan, and the Ylang Exlixir is no exception. It is a lush and luxurious oil that feels rich and moisturizing immediately upon application. I have been using it morning and night on my neck and definitely see results. It’s moisturizing benefits linger all day, and I love the way it feels on my skin.
-- Daily Beauty