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Custom Perfume

Creating a custom fragrance is the ultimate perfume experience, for both me and the recipient. I was honored to be named one of the seven top bespoke perfumers in the world by Forbes.

Your custom perfume will be a unique aromatic portrait, different from any perfumes you have tried in the past. The choices that you make in perfumes don’t come through language or rational thought, so I don’t use any kind of questionnaire. I have collected the finest all-natural botanical essences in the world, including many 100-year old materials that have aged like fine wines.

You will come to my studio to smell many different fragrant essences, and respond with your deeply personal preference to each aroma. I note your responses, both verbal and nonverbal, looking for the alchemy that will transform these raw, sensual materials into the right formula for you. Working from your responses, I create a scent that reflects your unique self.

I find that when people choose fragrances this way, they have a fresh and new experience, with a special sense of discovery. I create your unique custom perfume formula based on all of your preferences and send you a small sample to try on your skin and in your life, and then adjust the formula if necessary. The final custom perfume includes the 2 ml mini liquid, the 1/4 oz. liquid, the 1/4 oz. solid, and the 1 oz. eau de parfum spray, as shown above. I recently added a 9 ml travel eau de parfum spray (not pictured). I keep your custom formula on file, so that you can order refills of the solid or liquid perfumes.

Custom Perfume

Price - $2,000