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Very Chic Antique Sterling Silver Striped Niello Snuff Box
Antique Solid Silver Patch Box with Striking Niello Stripes

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Very chic antique sterling silver striped niello snuff box dated 1911. Hallmarked and makers marks and stamped "925" indicating sterling silver. A tactile snuff box of substantial and sumptuous gauge that feels good in the hand and closes with a satisfying snap. There is an engraving that someone attempted to scratch out that looks like "LT" (possibly) but the engraved date remains 3/12/1911. The box is 1.5" long x 1" wide and comes with 1/4 oz. (8 ml) solid perfume of your choice. Niello is an ancient method of ornamentation. The lines of the design are cut in silver, which is then completely covered with a black composition consisting of copper, silver, and lead. A little borax is sprinkled on, and the whole item is subjected to heat. After cooling, the top surface is scraped and burnished, leaving the black composition in the design lines.

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