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NEW: Velvet Tuberose Perfume, Rose & Frankincense Balms, Flavored Finishing Salts, & more!

Please check out these wonderful new products that we've just added to the website!

AND, everything will be available to try in-person at our Holiday Store, coming up the weekend after next: Friday-Sunday, December 1-3, 10am-5pm daily. 1518 Walnut St., Berkeley, CA (510) 841-2111. Click [here] for more information, or [here] for a printable invitation -- please tell your friends! Our museum -- the Aftel Archive of Curious Scents, will also be open normal hours on Saturday Dec. 2, 10am-6pm. We recommend getting tickets in advance at www.aftelarchive.com.

Holiday Store

New Velvet Tuberose Perfume

Velvet TUberose

All about luscious tuberose, with its creamy, sweet, languid, narcotic, voluptuous, and astonishingly beautiful aroma. On a base of rare Mitti Attar -- the traditional aromatic essence of baked earth distilled into creamy, high-quality Indian sandalwood -- it's the scent brought on as rain falls on sun-drenched soil and the earth awakens and breathes forth its heady aroma. Sweet and juicy grand fir and pink grapefruit lock together to create sweet forest notes that lift and vivify the narcotic tuberose. Click [here] to buy samples and full size.

For the Holidays - 2 Pocket EDP Sprays

Bergamoss and Parfum de Maroc

Brought out of retirement - limited edition for the holidays! The Bergamoss pocket EDP spray was a huge hit last year, and I was inspired to add Parfum de Maroc. "What a delicious journey Parfum de Maroc takes you on. At once spicy, sweet and resinous like the best curries the opening of Parfum de Maroc is so enticing and full of nuance. This is the kind of spicy gourmand that makes me salivate in expectation of a flavour explosion.ā€ (Portia Turbo) Click [here] to buy samples and full size.

New Face & Body Balms: RosešŸŒ¹ and FrankincensešŸŒæ

Rose and Frankincense Face & Body Balms

A totally new product for Aftelier Perfumes: Face & Body Balms! Our non-greasy rejuvenating face and body balms melt into your skin providing deep hydration and long-lasting moisture, leaving you with smooth and supple skin and a sense of well-being. I researched balms for a long time, and developed a Rose balm with a blend of Turkish rose absolute and Bulgarian rose wax, in a base of squalene oil & sea buckthorn berry oil. For my Frankincense balm, I wanted to harness the wondrous healing qualities of the boswellic acids that are lost when distilled into an essential oil, so I have extracted the resin myself to use in this balm. Click [here] to buy samples and full size.

NEW: finishing salts flavored with Aftelier Chef's Essences

Finishing Salts

My organic ā€œsel grisā€ French gray sea salt is hand-harvested from the clay-lined salt ponds in the GuĆ©rande region of France, giving it a soft grey color and mineral-rich moisture. These salts are not to be used during the cooking process, but rather to add a pop of flavor to everything from meat to salads to vegetables just before serving. They will lift the other flavors of a dish, making it special and delicious! Click [here] to purchase.


We hope you have a delicious Thanksgiving filled with joy and lots of love,
xoxo Mandy, Foster, & Devon


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