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Bergamot + Oak Moss = Our New Chypre Perfume!


Bergamoss features the sumptuous marriage of oakmoss, with its aromas of the wet forest floor, and the bright freshness of bergamot. It harkens back to the substantial and transporting chypres of old. I was after a particular kind of chypre -- one that was both rich and fresh, bright and heavy, sweet and loamy. The great affinity of the juicy peach punctuated with the warm, woody spiciness of the nutmeg absolute and the green rosy citronellol combine to create a transparent floral layer at the heart of Bergamoss.

CaFleureBon "Mandy's treatment here is both Coty era exactness and elevated by her use of flouve and an antique civet. What results is an almost halo effect, glowing literal peach and gold around a body of opulent green oakmoss and wild sweet orange."

TheGirlWhoKnows "The genius of Bergamoss perfume is its marriage of bright and light with warm and sensual. I felt like I was taken back in time, to the French countryside, to a beautiful canopied forest and to a citrus orchard."

Kafkaesque "Bergamoss is lovely, and I think it is one of the prettiest things that Ms. Aftel has created. Chypres are the most elegant perfume family around... Bergamoss may be the one, rare chypre that I would label as 'sunny' or 'happy.' "

Colognoisseur "Ms. Aftel has put the “real” stuff in a really excellent perfume. Wearing a solid perfume might be the most intimate experience one can have in perfume. Dip your finger in and find your personal olfactory bliss in its intimate excellence."

FeteAFete "The flouve in Bergamoss adds a gorgeous sweet grassiness that balances it out in a newly enchanting way. It's quite magical yet still down to earth. It literally makes my mouth water. "

"New" Antique Cases for Solid Perfume

Mandy searches high and low for each gorgeous one-of-a-kind antique case, which comes filled with your choice of solid perfume: Cuir de Gardenia, Fir, Jasmine, Orchid, Oud Luban, Parfum Privé, Wildflowers - or the new Bergamoss! To see all our solid perfumes and cases click [here]

Art Nouveau Quatrefoil French Patch Box with Stunning Embossed Flower

Finely enameled Lavish 19th Century Woman with Feathered Hat on French Brass One-of-a Kind Compact

Absolutely Gorgeous Antique Pocket Watch with Rose Gold Swan and Cherub

Silver Quatrefoil Antique Patch Box with Embossed Botanical Garlands

New Botanicals for Perfumers

Some of these new natural essences and isolates are rare or limited-supply, click images for details.


Coumarin 15%

Long Pepper


Juniper Berry


Good News: Organic & Wild Harvested Chef's Essences

Chef's Essences Organic and Wild Harvest

Organic Wild Harvested Chef's Sprays Organic Wild Harvested Chef's Sprays
Mandy has finally found some beautiful organic and wild harvested oils for the Chef's Essences! Check out the full selection of essences [here], and the easy to use sprays [here]!)

Video interview with Mandy by Realize Magazine

Hillary Eddy interviews Mandy
[click here for video]

Realize Magazine focuses on creative people between 50-70 years, so at 67 and counting, Mandy was a perfect candidate to discuss her 20 years of work in perfume! “Mandy Aftel is an alchemist, a litterateur and a fascinating woman. Her new book Fragrant is a marvel, leading the reader through the remarkable history of our profound relationship with fragrance.”

Fig Flower and Desert Flower in Drink Factory Magazine!

Drink Factory Magazine

Here's just the kind of special collaboration that we love: Mandy was honored to create two custom blends for the cocktail recipes in London's amazing Drink Factory Magazine from the brilliant mixologist Tony Conigliaro!


Drink Factory Magazine

Foster's son Devon helps us several days a week with the pouring & shipping, and keeps the garden looking fabulous! He also does horticulture and landscaping at the Oakland Zoo. We're looking forward to a couple of California road trips this summer, and Mandy is working on her new book with chef Daniel Patterson.

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!
Mandy, Foster, and Devon

P.S. We just joined Instagram, where we love posting special pictures -- please come follow us there at: http://instagram.com/AftelierPerfume

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