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A Fragrant Embarrassment of Riches!

Oud Luban EDP in Vogue!

Vogue Oud Luban

-- “Berkeley has been playing host to Mandy Aftel’s cultish natural perfumes for the past 30 years. Aftelier Perfumes Oud Luban Eau de Parfum, $205”

Fir Solid Perfume in W!

W Fir Solid
W Magazine

-- "This little tin box has long been my go-to for moments when I need something cozy. Whenever I inhale it, I am immediately transported to a morning hike in the woods."
-- Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Director.

Fig EDP in Vogue!

Vogue Fig Perfume

“In Berkeley, Mandy Aftel has been mastering the art of natural fragrance (and amassing a cult of dedicated celebrity followers) for the past 30 years. Aftelier Perfumes Fig Perfume, $180”

Vanilla Smoke Perfume in Cosmo!

Cosmo Vanilla Smoke

"Aftel's recent experiment, Vanilla Smoke, blends pure vanilla with salty ambergris and smoked tea — as it's hand-blended, she can barely keep up with demand.”

Mandy in the Wall Street Journal!

Wall Street Journal

Mandy is named as the trailblazer of the western back-to-nature perfume movement by the Wall Street Journal!

Fragrant Awarded the 2016 Perfumed Plume!

Fragrant and 2016 Perfumed Plume

My newest book Fragrant: The Secret Life of Scent won the coveted Perfumed Plume Award for the best book of the year on perfume!

Treasures: Nine "New" Antique Cases for Solid Perfume

Each case comes filled with your choice of solid perfume: Bergamoss, Cuir de Gardenia, Fir, Jasmine, Orchid, Oud Luban, Parfum Privé, or Wildflowers. To see all of our solid perfumes and cases click [here]

4-Leaf Clover Covered Sweet Art Nouveau Sterling Patch Box on Handmade Chain

Stunning 19th Century Scottish Moss Agate Snuff Box

Small Precious Antique Sterling Silver Watch Case with Rose Gold Flowers and Green Gold Leaves

Antique Venetian Millefiori Micro Mosaic Snuff Box Beautifully Detailed in Vivid Colors

Extraordinary Thistles and Leaves Embossed on Silver Plated Patch Box circa 1900

Sterling Silver Art Nouveau (circa 1900) Patch Box with Embossed Holly and Berries

Antique Victorian Sterling Patch Box with Handsome Repoussé Design Studded with Iolite and Amber Stones

Outstanding 19th Century Agate Pietra Dura Snuff Box

Very Chic Antique Sterling Silver Striped Niello Snuff Box


We hope you are having a wonderful Spring! As if all of this weren't enough, all 23 of our newly planted rose bushes are turning out blossoms - a truly fragrant embarrassment of riches!

xoxo Mandy, Foster, & Devon


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