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Oolong Tea Rose & Ginger 30 gm
Rose Ginger Oolong Tea

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Tieguanyin oolong tea, from Taiwan, is a rare tea that is oxidized and roasted for two days by a traditional tea master. This full-bodied oolong opens with ripe fruit notes and finishes with a smooth aftertaste, blending beautifully with the spicy rose flavor that Mandy creates with our Aftelier Chef's Essences: Fresh Ginger and Turkish Rose. These tightly rolled leaves unfurl during the first steeping, and may be re-infused up to 4 times, retaining their fragrance.

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This Tieguanyin oolong tea from Taiwan is infused with Mandy’s Chef Essences of Turkish Rose and Fresh Ginger. I thought I didn’t like floral teas, however either rose is an exception or this tea is so subtly flavoured/scented it’s a joy. I was also concerned the ginger might be overpowering but it added a lovely gingerbread background warmth. I think I might struggle with straight-up oolong but this combination of flavours gives it body and make it work beautifully for me. Now I’m looking forward to trying more rose flavoured teas.
-- A Bottled Rose

This tea is absolutely dreamy! Like some sort of euphoric dream that’s been scented with roses and ginger and even a hint of smoke. That’s not only what it smells like, it’s what it tastes like too! It’s amazing! Shortly after your palate has become acquainted with the rose, a smooth yet smoky note from the Ti Quan Yin Oolong comes through and imparts its silky texture. The ginger doesn’t taste hot or spicy, just mildly warm and enchanting. The sip finishes with a slightly drying astringency, and the aftertaste lingers with the perfumed flavor of rose and whispers of ginger. This tea is absolutely lovely. Words cannot even begin to adequately describe just how lovely it truly is! It is a tea that must be experienced to appreciate fully. What a delight!
-- Sororitea Sisters

It’s lightly oxidized but with a warm finish, accented with rose (quite noticeable, mostly in the aftertaste) and ginger (subtle but adds a nice kick).
-- Now Smell This