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Sample Palimpsest Perfume
Sample Palimpsest Perfume

Scent Family: Fruity Floral
Palimpsest captures the feeling of being in the Garden of Eden at midnight: lush, wild florals, forbidden fruit, and majestic creatures in hiding. The perfume undulates down through florals to its ambergris-laced, other-worldly drydown, and the base notes shimmer up through the top and middle notes in a seamless, scented wave. A palimpsest is an old document on which the original writing has been erased and replaced with new writing. Sometimes the older writing can still be read under the new, resulting in a complex and beautiful layering. I wanted to evoke the richness that you feel when you experience the past as alive in the present, creating the gorgeous complexity of life.

Character: Fruity Floral, lush florals and ripe fruit, creamy and layered, leathery, lasting.

Fragrant Notes: peachy jasmine, fruity ylang, softly animalic, a smidge of vanilla, exotic fire tree.

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This small .25ml sample should provide 2 or 3 applications.
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..."utter bliss, the creamy indolic rapture of ylang and jasmine exploding beautifully, throwing the most enticing light upwards, illuminating the shimmering, blanched florality of the cedrat-blessed yuzu in the skylight of the scent. Mandy has created a superlative overture of glistening, demanding intricacy....glows with ...precious Firetree essence, it is the acutely satisfying heart of an affective singular perfume. I will wear it as long as I can obtain it.
-- @ScentofElegance/i>

Palimpsest is a beautiful and enticing perfume, one of the best releases of the year, and a true feast for the senses.
-- The Non-Blonde

Perfumer Mandy Aftel's very best. Indefinable quality of pure exquisiteness
-- Perfume Shrine

The heart is a floral scented love letter written in flowery notes of jasmine and yang yang... There are few perfumers who could have set out to create an olfactory layer of styles and have them all mesh together so beautifully. Ms. Aftel has created an intricately crafted piece of perfumery that gives the wearer hours of layered development as it constantly evolves on the skin. Each layer reveals something in relation to the others making it a truePalimpsest.
-- Colognoisseur

Sweet, feral, delicious and naughty,Palimpsest is not for the faint hearted, is full of the joy of natural perfumery while smelling as finished, buoyant and aerated as the best niche offerings. Mandy Aftel seems to have captured the idea of rewriting fragrant history and planting her own delightfully wicked animal version on top of everything else we have.
-- Portia Turbo, Australian Perfume Junkies

Mandy describesPalimpsest as midnight in the Garden of Eden; who am I to deny her, or this fragrance? I feelPalimpsest as a radiant foray into a floral paradise which is denied me in my waking dreams. It possesses an unearthly beauty which, ironically, arises from the soil. Perhaps it hails from the Dreamtime.
-- Fragrantica

Palimpsest, the new natural luxury fragrance by renowned perfumer Mandy Aftel, is replete with fruity essences and lush florals. Mandy's beguiling scent evokes a time and place of mysterious origins, deftly weaving an intricate tapistry of the past and present. It starts out sweet and heady but the ambergris and firetree form an animalistic base. An alchemized blend of jasmine, yuzu, peach and ylang ylang brings out voluptuous, earthy notes of wet roses, lilac, spices and vanilla.
-- Fête à Fête

Some perfumes immediately transport me to a place in time. ForPalimpsest, it is a summer’s walk in an orchard on the brightest of days. Sun-ripened fruits drizzled with honey hang heavy and low on trees, irresistible in their sweetness. The honey adds to the ripeness, creating a wisp of animalic sharpness but never anything shrill, sulphurous, or extreme the way the note can sometimes be in Vero Profumo scents.Palimpsest is an extremely pretty fragrance, and one which I enjoyed wearing. I would very much recommend it to anyone looking for a happy, fruity-floral with office-appropriate sillage, because there is just something so very sunny aboutPalimpsest. This is a fragrance that I can imagine people turning to in the dead of winter for a joyous escape into a golden, warm reverie.
-- Kafkaesque

Palimpsest is a lovely, fresh bouquet of florals. As time goes on, the aroma transforms into something more exotic, warm and heady, thanks to the base of real ambergris.
-- Mary Orlin, The Huffington Post

Palimpsest is a feast for the nose. The perfume opens with incredibly rich, lush and prominent accord of honey. This bright, luminous and sparkling aroma will transport you to the majestic palaces, say in ancient Egypt or Greece, where refined feasts with fruits and ambrosia were a daily routine. This golden liquid has a moderate sweetness and isn’t overly sticky but it intoxicates your mind in a blink of an eye.
-- Chemist in the Bottle

A firetree grows in Heaven. Mandy Aftel bottled it.
-- The Non-Blonde

Palimpsest is an island paradise at once bright and dark. It feels sweet at the same time it is smouldering. The ancient, unknowable deep of ambergris haunts the dark notes of the fragrance (if you follow my blog you KNOW how I love ambergris ). It is divine stuff that is NOTHING like modern department store perfume – you can close your eyes and drop through time for a moment when you wear it – to a Parisian salon during the 1830’s in a sea of Chopin waltzes, silk and ormolu.
-- Lost Past Remembered

Mandy Aftel wrote her thoughts about the creation Palimpsest, she likened its scent to the lush aromas emanating from the Garden of Eden at midnight. As Adam and Eve fled into the wilderness, abandoning all thoughts of heaven, perhaps the memory of a scent similar to Palimspsest reminded them of the Paradise they lost.
-- Cafleurebon

Palimpsest opens bright and happy with a yuzu citrus note, but behind this cheery opening is an olfactory ride of ripe fruits, heady florals, and animalic pleasures. Mandy has created an otherworldly perfume filled with so many facets, ranging from forbidden fruit, to gourmand and spicy, to carnal delights all blended seamlessly.
-- The Good Smellas Blog

Midnight in the Garden of Eden; honeyed streams of lush florals (jasmine grandiflorum) with a sensuous and mysterious Lilith undercurrent of what I perceive as ambergris (a refined animalic perfume note), speak of a layered tapistry where one is hard pressed to see where one golden thread ends and another, in a slightly different hue, begins.
-- Perfume Shrine

Mandy Aftel = Genius. The naughtiest honey/white flower mix of the century. FABULOUS!!
-- Perfume Posse