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Tango Eau de Parfum Spray

NOTE: Our Tango has been retired from our regular line, so we do not have samples of it available, and require a minimum order of 2 bottles.

Best of 2012

Best Avant-Garde Scent

2007 Biggest

Scent Family: Dry Woods
Inspired by the"dance of love", sexy and smoky, with roasted seashells and champaca; a heady floral with spice and honey notes. One of my most complicated perfumes, combining many botanicals to convey the naughty eroticism of a night of drinking, dancing, smoking. The deep rich floral champaca, and high-register wild sweet orange lifts the darker essences. --- "Tango reminded me that perfume is not just a business and not just a craft, but an Art." Perfume Smelling Things.

Featured Notes in alcohol
Top: wild sweet orange, fresh ginger.
Heart: coffee CO2, champaca.
Base: choya, blond tobacco, tonka.
Our Price: $220.00
(Minimum order):  2


…a salty, sweaty smoky headiness that is giddying—the fancy footwork of coffee, ginger, tobacco giving way to champaca’s floral ecstasy and the delirium of roasted seashells, echoes of Venus arising from the waves. I was awed. I still am.
-- Fragrantica

The start is sultry yet light, like just-damp air, with a hint of sweetness from the orange. The sweet introduction gives way to a gingery warmth and something smoky, salty like an intimate dance by the sea.The languid sea breeze is tempered by a driftwood fire. There is tension, heat, and moving bodies that just avoid collision. I keep waiting for more sweetness but it doesn’t appear. Yet. This is definitely all lust, with no pandering sweet sentimentality..The air is heavy, the embers are dying and there is dancing in the dark. I can’t tell you what happens next because that wouldn’t be very appropriate. But the sweetness from the tonka does appear like the honeyed skin and soft sleep after a tiring night of passion.
-- Pieces of Paper, Squiggly Lines

In my experience, all of Mandy Aftel's fragrances are similar in their ability to evoke intense emotion and imagery. I wear Tango when I long to be transported to another time and place, one in which there are few inhibitions. With Tango, it seems as if anything is possible, and that appeasing my most base instincts and desires is perfectly acceptable...and in fact, encouraged
-- Lipstick Musings

Tango by Mandy Aftel is perhaps one of the most unusual fragrances I have tried this year. One of a few that really, really touched something inside me, that made my heart beat faster in excitement… Tango is indescribable. If I said it was softly floral, slightly bitter, almost medicinal at times and smoky in an odd, non-woody sort of way, would it give you any idea of what it was like? If I said that it smelled as if the sea became a being, and that being danced with you all night the dance of passion, would that help ...or would you just think I have finally gone completely mad?
-- Perfume Smelling Things

In my opinion, it's her most complicated fragrance, revealing layer after layer of emotion and imagery.
-- Lipstick Musings

When I apply Mandy Aftel‘s Tango many things happen at once… Tango, the dance, is the combination of harsh and soft, quick and slow, aggressive and passive, the fusion of extremes into one perfect movement, the fusion of two people into one perfect being. For four minutes another creature exists. All rhythm, all music, all passion. Tango is transformative. The dance and the perfume. Tango is devastating. Devastatingly, heartrendingly beautiful. Smell it.
-- Olfactoria’s Travels

Tango, a perennial favorite of hardcore perfumistas, smolders with smoky, spicy, sweet, animalic leather.
-- LA Times Magazine

It is intensely disturbing, yet warm and comforting... like a prickly thick rug that you never want to let go of.
-- Pieces of Paper, Squiggly Lines

I love Tango. The disparate elements of the fragrance blend smoothly under Ms Aftel's expert hand (and nose), and it's unusual but not jarring, warm and alluring. I find it has good sillage and lasting power on my skin for a natural perfume, and lasts for a good three hours on me even without any layering.
--London Makeup Girl

Tango´s core is something called choya nakh, which the Aftelier website describes as an “extremely intense, deep smoky aroma from baked seashells.” The champaca´s exotic sweetness, along with that of the honey, is a counterpoint to the the fire-on-the-beach smell of the seashells. There´s a sweet-saltiness to the smell, animalic yet mineral, warm rather than cool. I find it sensual and intimate rather than in-your-face sexy.
-- Perfume Posse

Tango is indeed an unusual scent, and a beautiful one. From the pleasantly acidic opening to the leathery, woody aspect, and on to the almost incense-like soft drydown, it is a sentimental journey to be remembered fondly. It's just "off" enough, and just comforting enough that I have put it on my short list of favorite perfumes. It's one of the most elegant and warm "tobacco" scents I've had the chance to experience.
-- Eyeliner on a Cat

Breathe in ... Tango ... and the intense delicacy, balance and art of old-world perfumery surfaces.
-- Flare Magazine

It truly is quite sublime... Tango is an enigma, it wants to be so many things on first whiff. Tango explodes on the olfactory nerve like a narcotic dose of exotic sweet florals, leathers, smoke and tobacco. …This perfume is a symphony of Champaca, a rich, heady, over the top archangelic floral that screams for attention but is tamed by the forces of earth like roasted seashells, coffee and blond tobacco. The chords of spice, honey, sweet orange, Tonka and leather round out this fragrance into a very mysterious Argentinean Tango dance that is precise and highly erotic. The magic with this perfume and most naturals is when applied to the skin…. It alchemically transforms into a rich chocolaty, leather tone sweetened by the Champaca and honey. … The beauty of this fragrance is that it basically has no gender it fuses with the wearer and transforms to fit their sex. It is gorgeous on most woman and men that I have experienced.
-- Perfume Aficionado

. ..a distinct smoky sweetness... Tango is an earthy oriental with a floral heart.
-- Bittergrace Notes

So heartbreakingly beautiful it brings me to tears. Mandy bottled my memories of my grandmother's tales of Buenos Aires.
-- Fashion Tribes

A mysterious dance of notes and is so unique as a Tango dance, the inspiration for the perfume composition.
-- Fragrantica

Tango by Aftelier actually brings tears to my eyes. We, like many well respected ‘noses’ and ‘perfumistas’ consider it a masterpiece.
-- BeautyNewsNYC

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