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  Oud Luban Solid
Oud Luban Solid

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Scent Family: Dry Woods
Dark, resinous oud is the most expensive essence in the world - here 8 varieties are blended to get the desired notes. This is a perfume of great highs and lows, with no middle notes. It opens with the fresh citrus top notes of the finest hojari frankincense ("Luban" in Urdu) and resinous notes of elemi. Followed by balsamic notes of the faintly vanilla benzoin, the spicy-balsamic opopanax, and the fine cognac-like notes of aged patchouli. The drydown reveals the smoky choya ral and precious oud - intimate and softly animal, like a lover's body.

Perfect for layering with florals -- the oud brings an earthy richness that allows the florals to bloom on the skin.

Featured Notes
Top: elemi, orange terpenes, blood orange, frankincense CO2.
Base: oud, opopanax, choya ral, benzoin, aged patchouli.

Our compact, designed by Mandy Aftel, is handmade from one ounce of sterling silver and is presented in your choice of an orange or purple handmade silk pouch.

0.25 ml - $6
Our Price: $275.00

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Warm, smoky, leathery and subtly spicy, and as Aftelier fans know, Mandy’s solid scents are among the best in the business. I would recommend that oud fans keep some of this around for reference purposes as well as to wear, because this is what high grade natural oud perfume is supposed to smell like
Perfume Smellin’ Things

Oud Luban puts Mandy's talent for blending on full display- there are many strong essences dancing with one another, but the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. Besides the eight varieties of oud that are used in Oud Luban, there are also notes of elemi, orange terpenes, blood orange, frankincense CO2, opoponax, benzoin, choya ral, and aged patchouli.
-- Eyeliner on a Cat

“The beauty of Oud Luban is well balanced, suave, and debonair. No stinky synthetic oud here. This stuff is extremely versatile. Just wear by itself (in your hair) for a wonderfully smooth woody oud day. Apply on skin to boost a floral scent. Experiment and layer, the combinations are endless”
-- Base Notes

I feel strongly that Oud Luban is one of Mandy Aftel's greatest triumphs, and it represents a broadening scope in her body of work. I love that there are no heart notes in Oud Luban, it has citrus top notes that sing out clearly high up in the register, then a few of the more volatile elements of incense, and its soul rests in the rich and complex base notes. The longevity of Oud Luban on the skin is quite impressive for a solid perfume, topping off at about 5 hours. It's such an intimate and intoxicating scent that on days that I wear it, I need to keep it with me at all times for touch-ups. I just can't bear to have the magic fade out on me for a second!
-- Eyeliner On A Cat

I feel like you have passed me a life preserver with this scent Oud Luban. I envision it as ancient highly polished wood that has weathered many storms…what a waft of the most incredible…costly and rare essences!
-- Perfume Pharmer

Some Oud perfumes can be sharp and tangy, but Mandy's is so smooth and sensual. Such an intelligent blend of the higher mind and body.
-- Scent Hive

Oud Luban’s blur of glorious orange with piney frankincense say 'hello!' right at lift-off, but within minutes, the oud asserts its waxy-burnt-leathery M.O. and predominates in the scent. Kitten-paw softness, antique dirtiness and naughty moose roister-doistering. .
-- Katie Puckrik Smells

Oud Lubanis a wonderful perfume, rich and smoky and with an overtone of Frankincense fairly oozes a lovely tension, a delightful struggle between duty and passion. In this perfume passion clearly wins because the incense that she has layered between all of magnificent resins fairly scream of exotic opium dens and sensual thoughts. There is something balsam like as well, a tinge of sweetness , a hint of citrus , sweat and leather. The smoky choya lends a complex fairly religious austere emotion to the scent. Oud Luban is a perfect solid perfume, elegant and raw, yet sensual and buttery. Oud Luban is dirty and I mean that in the very best way because it grounds and relaxes me. It’s a scent to wear when you’re completely naked because it loves sweat and skin much like a perfect caramel tastes even better with a bit of sea salt and chocolate. It layers beautifully with florals and gives them an unworldly depth. I think that Oud Luban is fascinating because It’s a little bit conflicted, yet very complete which makes it all the more delicious and provocative to a girl like me. The yearning…the torment…..the inappropriateness of it all…..bring it on…..I love it! I’m one of those peculiar (maybe not so!) ladies who finds her passions completely aroused when she’s in the least appropriate of places so anything that smells remotely monastic is a delightful temptation for me, an audacious invitation to misbehave. Thanks to Mandy for giving me the perfect excuse……
-- Perfume Smellin’ Things

Oud Luban opens with orange and frankincense, then segues into a base of warm, dry, spiced woods. It smells almost austere and yet at the same time comforting, like the smell of winter pomanders in a church where a censer is burning. The ouds in the base are warm and smooth, never overpowering or oily smelling. This is a beautiful fragrance for anyone who prefers something un-flowery, and is also a great choice for a man. Oud Luban is an almost minimalist pared-down blend of highs and lows.
-- London Makeup Girl

I find it sonorous, meditative, and centering. Once it has released some of the top notes, so closely married to the dark base, moments of a fully celestial air waft up around me.
-- Indieperfumes

As Oud Luban warms and evolves on my skin, oud entwines around those basso profondo notes like the smoke of a thurible, but this is no oud I have ever encountered before. Blended from eight varieties of oud, it glows its unearthly, animal aura through a decadent velvet patchouli dream that lingers with the smoky burnt aroma of choya ral, opoponax and benzoin.
-- Scent Less Sensibilities—The Sanctity of Solace

Oud Luban is a solid perfume that holds eight different types of oud in its midst. Surprisingly, it is a subtle and supple oud that caresses with suede, ethereal smoke and a smoothly aged patchouli. It is both sensual and reverential.
-- Scent Hive

Oud Luban recreates the smell of the Church with a blend of frankincense, no less than eight varieties of oud, and an incredible orange note - the combination makes for a deliciously smoky orange lacquer while first applied to the skin. However, Oud Luban is all top and base notes - no middle - and the notes transition from piety to passion, a delicious and deep skin scent emerging.
-- Beauty, Bacon, Bunnies

“One full ounce of sterling silver makes this beautiful handmade compact, designed by Aftelier Perfumer Mandy Aftel. The compact is presented in your choice of an orange or purple silk pouch.”
-- Perfume Pharmer