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Perfumer’s Botanicals

When I find an exquisite essence, I sometimes buy a larger quantity than I need for my perfumes and offer these essences to other perfumers who share my passion for rare extraordinary essences. These essences are not for consumption nor for undiluted use on the skin. I am a whimsical supplier, so my offerings vary, and usually when the supply of a given essence is gone, it’s gone. We are not a bulk supplier. Everything is extracted from botanical sources except the Onycha and Hyraceum.
Aftel Certified applies to all the essences that I use and sell. I never use synthetics. All of my plant essences are derived from 100% pure & natural botanical sources. The vast majority of the oils that I use and sell are either wild-harvested or farmed in small batches with sustainable practices and without pesticides. For more details click here

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