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Zoom Class Basic Oil Kit
45 x 5 ml

Zoom Class Basic Oil Kit

This Oil Kit is offered to accompany the live Natural Perfume Class with Mandy on Zoom.

We provide the Oil Kit to make it easy to obtain the specific 45 essences that are required to participate at home in the live Zoom class. This meticulously selected set of essences represents a wide range of odor families and the most useful blending essences. You are welcome to obtain essences from other sources, but please note that it is essential that the 45 essences be in the specific form required for class. Please check your supplies to see if you already have some of them, and then purchase separately only what you need to complete your set.

(This kit was updated in August 2021 to remove Linalyl Acetate, Cardamom, Myrrh, Agarwood, and Benzyl Benzoate, and replace them with Methyl Anthranilate, Nutmeg, Octanol, Cognac, and Nerolidol)

Top Notes: Blood Cedarwood essential oil, Damascenone natural isolate, Fresh Ginger essential oil, Gamma Dodecalactone natural isolate, Heliotropin natural isolate, Lime essential oil, Methyl Anthranilate natural isolate, Mimosa Olessence, Palo Santo Fruit essential oil, Petitgrain Sur Fleur essential oil, Phenyl Ethyl Acetate natural isolate, Phenylacetic Acid natural isolate, Pink Pepper essential oil, Vanillin natural isolate, Yuzu essential oil.

Middle Notes: Apple compounded natural isolate, Araucaria essential oil, Benzyl Acetate natural isolate, Bushman's Candle resinoid, Cypress essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Jasmine Sambac absolute, Linalool natural isolate, Magnolia essential oil, Nutmeg absolute, Octanol natural isolate, Peach compounded natural isolate, Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol natural isolate, Raspberry compounded natural isolate, Rose absolute.

Base Notes: Alpha Ionone natural isolate, Ambrettolide natural isolate, Benzoin absolute, Cepes absolute, Choya Nahk essential oil, Cognac essential oil, Ethyl Phenylacetate natural isolate, Fir absolute, Guaiacol natural isolate, Maltol natural isolate, Nerolidol natural isolate, Opoponax absolute, Patchouli essential oil, Rosemary absolute, Tobacco absolute.
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