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Custom Perfume: At-Home Fragrance Flight

The process of having a perfume created just for you is the ultimate fragrance experience! Your custom perfume will be a unique aromatic portrait, different from every other perfume. Over the last 30 years, I have collected the finest all-natural botanical essences in the world to use in making perfumes. And now there's way for me to create your bespoke perfume without having you travel to my studio -- instead I will loan you some of my studio to use at home.

Named one of the seven top bespoke perfumers in the world by Forbes!

The choices that you make in perfumes don’t come through language or rational thought, so I don’t use any kind of questionnaire. To start the process, I will send you my custom perfume essence kit -- a perfectly curated set of 48 natural essences for you to evaluate while making your selections. They represent the majesty of the botanical world -- roots, seeds, resins, barks, leaves, and flowers-- including precious oud, ambergris, frankincense, rose, jasmine, honeysuckle, and antique sandalwood among others. The kit includes scent strips for you to smell these essences on and pick the ones you love the most. Click here for details of the process.

You email me your selections and mail back the essence kit. I create a custom perfume for you including as many of your favorite essences as I can, and mail you a small sample. You try that perfume sample on your skin and in your life, and give me your feedback. Because you are familiar with all of the essences used to make your perfume, you will be able to give me useful comments about possible adjustments. If needed I create up to 2 revisions, sending you a sample each time. I keep your final custom perfume formula on file so that you can order refills later.

I send you your finished perfumes as a 1/4 oz. solid perfume in a Sterling silver case, a 1/4 oz. liquid perfume in a glass-stoppered French flaçon, a 1 oz. Eau De Parfum spray, and a 2 ml mini liquid perfume.

Because you have the unique experience of smelling the most extraordinary and rare essences in the world and choosing your favorites among them, your connection to each ingredient and the finished perfume is deep and profound.

Custom Perfume Essence Kit: (click here to see details about each essence)

In addition to the $2,000 fee for your custom perfume, the special kit of 48 essences that we send you requires a $500 deposit, which is refunded once we receive the kit back in good order. Please click here to review the detailed terms before purchasing a custom perfume.

Custom Perfume

Price - $2,000 + $500 refundable deposit