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Solid Perfumes and Antique Cases

The Aftelier solid perfume case is designed by me and made by hand from an ounce of sterling silver. This elegant square case is the perfect size and shape for the palm of your hand, with rounded corners and etched with our stylized "woodcut" rose and leaf. The sterling case ages in a beautiful wabi-sabi way, as it becomes part of your life and history -- evolving a tactile polish from being lovingly handled. I am always glad to see them sent back to me at the studio when empty, loved, and well-used -- to get a refill and a polish.

My solid perfumes, in a base of unfiltered beeswax and jojoba oil, blend with your body chemistry, leaving a veil of fragrance on the skin. Each case is presented in your choice of one of our four handmade silk pouches. Compact and unspillable, these 1/4 oz. (8 ml) solid perfumes are ideal for travel. I also offer handmade double solid cases, which hold 1/4 oz. each of two perfumes side-by-side. This actually provides three fragrances, as the two perfumes may be blended together on the skin to create a third.

I also love to offer a selection of gorgeous one-of-a-kind antique cases for your solid perfume. I love the process of searching for these special unique cases; each comes with a history and patina from its previous lives. It is romantic and meaningful to integrate one of these beautiful cases into your own life. Pricing includes perfume.

Once empty, any case can be sent back to us for a refill, starting at $225 [click here to purchase]. You keep your case for life and it can be filled -- and refilled -- with your choice of solid perfume. As a special order ($50 added charge) I will make any of my retired solid perfumes (see Perfumes Past) or any of my regular liquid perfumes as a solid perfume.

Antique Ambergris Solid Bergamoss Solid Boheme Confection Solid
Fir Solid Jasmine Solid Orchid Solid
Solid Perfume 8 ml

Our Price: $295.00
Solid Perfume 8 ml

Our Price: $295.00
Solid Perfume 8 ml

Our Price: $295.00
Oud Luban Solid Parfum Prive Solid Velvet Tuberose Solid
Double Solid Perfume Compact Solid Perfume Refill Art Nouveau Circa 1880's Silvered Brass Patch Box with  Stunning  Repoussé  Roses and Flowers
Solid Perfume Refill 8 ml
Our Price: $225.00
Embossed Flowers and Textured Wave Pattern  Decorate  Art Nouveau Silvered Brass Patch Box Delightful 1880's French Limoges Enamel Portrait Bronze 19th Century Silver-Plate Patch Box Festooned with Embossed Daises and Leaves
Elegant 18th Century French Sterling Silver Patch Box Embossed with Shield Elegant 18th Century French Sterling Silver Patch Box Embossed with Shield Precious Repousse Sterling Octagonal Antique  Patch Box with Shells and Flowers
Gorgeous Embossed Holly Rare Hellebore With Embossed Blossoms and Leaves Adorn  Circa 1880 Silver Plate French Patch Box Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Quatrefoil French Patch Box with Gorgeous Embossed Flower Garlands and Leaves
Stunning  Repousse Art Nouveau Iris with Gold Vermeil  Decorate French Patch Box Antique Silver Quatrefoil Embossed Faun Art Nouveau Sterling Perfectly Round Patch Box by Henry Williamson, Birmingham, England  circa 1898 Decorated with Waves and Arabesques
Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Patch Box from 1900 Exquisitely Embossed with 2 Finely-Articulated Carnation Flowers Finely-Articulated Mistletoe Exquisitely Embossed on Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Patch Box Circa 1900 Extraordinary  Embossed  Faun, Leaves and Flowers on Oval 19th Century Sterling Silver Patch Box
Violet Flowers and Leaves Embossed on a Sumptuous Sterling Silver Patch Box 19th Century Octagonal Sterling Silver Patch Box withRose Garlands and Musical Instruments Gorgeous! Octagonal 19th Century Sterling Silver Patch Box Embossed on the Top, Bottom and All The Edges with Leaves and Flowers Elegant
Repousse Art Nouveau Chrysanthemum Flowers and Leaves  Decorate Stunning Sterling Patch Box with Rare "Coin Purse"  Closure Sprigs of Delicate Embossed Plum Blossoms Adorn Antique Art Nouveau Sterling Case Patch Box Embossed with Gorgeous Rose
Rare and Exquisitely Wrought Fan-Shaped  Art Nouveau Sterling Silver  Snuff Box Galaxy of Embossed Stars Decorate an Antique Silver-plated Patch Box Very Special Antique Watch Case with Gold