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Slow Scent® Natural Perfume Zoom Class with Mandy
Before attending my natural perfume class on Zoom, students learn the fundamental building blocks on their own by completing my Slow Scent® Natural Perfume Primary Workbook. The dates for my Zoom classes are announced to the list of students who have the Workbook. This class develops the 3 foundational practices to becoming a skilled natural perfumer:
  • A thorough understanding of the blending capacities of perfume essences
  • The ability to edit and revise your perfumes
  • How to think about perfume structure

Each class consists of 4 meetings on Zoom on 4 Sundays in a row and typically includes a mixture of returning and first-time students. I lecture about specific essences and their unique blending capacities, and I go over each student's perfumes and revisions. Over the 4-week class, each student works on 2 specific perfume constructions: one from an initial chord selected by the class, and one built upon 2 starting essences of the student's choice. Right after the first and third Zoom sessions, students spend an hour making perfume.

After each student has created and revised a perfume, we go over the perfumes together in class and I help improve the formulas, analyzing the dynamics of what's working and what isn't. In the group environment of the class, you will see many cycles of identifying and fixing design problems in your own and all of your classmates' perfume formulas. Examining the details of these very specific examples illustrates the broader general design concepts, which improves each student’s ability to create beautiful perfumes. These sessions are fun, friendly, and not stressful.

In class you will learn to edit your own perfumes: finding and fixing the problems in your formulas and developing your own art practice. Every time you create a new perfume, there will always be new design challenges. It is very important to understand what contributes to the essences burying or locking with each other; both of these effects can have either a positive or negative outcome in a perfume blend. Learning natural perfumery with me is like studying painting at an art studio; my teaching focus is solely on the aesthetics -- not on weights, scales, specific gravity, regulations, or how to run a business. Topics include:
  • Filler & accessory notes
  • Natural isolates
  • Burying & locking
  • Using different forms of essences -- essential oils, absolutes, concretes, isolates
  • Design Focus exercises
  • How to create a perfume around 2 foundational essences
  • Odor studies
  • Scaling up your formulas using the Aftelier drop chart

Each student in the Zoom class needs to have all of the 48 essences in the Zoom Class Oil Kit. This meticulously selected set represents a wide range of odor families -- they are the most useful blending essences to study with and use during the class, and will be an invaluable resource in your ongoing art practice of creating perfumes. You can buy the essences as a set, or individually if you already have some of them. You will also use the 18 essences from the original Natural Perfume Oil Kit.

I send out 3 certificates to recognize my students' progress:
  • After attending 2 classes (4 weeks each) you will receive a Level 2 Certificate.
  • After attending 4 classes (4 weeks each) you will receive a Level 3 Certificate.
  • After attending 8 classes (4 weeks each) you will receive a Master Level Certificate.
For returning students, at your second class (Level 2), I will give you the content & format for you to be able to teach my Slow Scent® Natural Perfume Basic Class on your own.

The price of the class includes the cost of packaging and sending 2 express shipments to you of all the other students' perfume samples during the class.
Slow Scent Basic Class
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Zoom Class Basic Oil Kit
Zoom Class Oil Kit
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