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Slow Scent Natural Perfume Primary Workbook and Wheel
Level 1 Workbook


(Please note: the essences in the kit and workbook were updated in Feb 2022 as follows: frankincense absolute replaced frankincense essential oil, jasmine absolute replaced jasmine concrete, and nutmeg absolute replaced allspice CO2).

My teaching format begins with the Slow Scent® Natural Perfume Primary Workbook, which focuses on becoming deeply familiar with natural ingredients, refining your olfactory abilities, and doing hands-on experiments with set formulas. You are guided through the process of making many, many accord experiments (combinations of single fragrance "notes"), which are the novice perfumer's equivalent of practicing scales on the piano. You will be learning about the blending capacities of the18 essences in the oil kit; this process is fun and there are no right or wrong answers.

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The exercises focus on a set of 18 well-chosen essences (6 top, 6 middle, 6 base) as a template for all future study. We offer these essences as an optional kit, priced separately, or at a discount when combined with the Natural Perfume Primary Workbook.

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The Slow Scent® Natural Perfume Primary Workbook gives you the necessary perfumery vocabulary, the basics of relative intensity, the very important aspects of construction, and a deep understanding of what makes a top note, a middle note, or a base note. You will learn about the textures, smells, and intensities that differentiate these notes. The exercises in this workbook introduce various families of scents, familiarize you with the blending capacities of similar essences, and refine your ability to distinguish between essences within each family.

This workbook includes an Aftelier Natural Perfume Wheel - an invaluable tool to help organize the world of natural essences and link vocabulary to scent. It is a straightforward visual way to link scent experience to description, and to understand the relationships between scents and scent families.

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After completing the Slow Scent® Natural Perfume Primary Workbook, you are ready for my Slow Scent® Natural Perfume Advanced Class.
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