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Natural Perfume Oil Kit (18 x 5ml)
Oil Kit


This Natural Perfume Oil Kit is designed to go with the Natural Perfume Workbook. There is an additional $50 discount when purchasing the Workbook and Oil Kit combined as a set.

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(Please note: the essences in the kit and workbook were updated in Feb 2022 to remove frankincense essential oil, jasmine concrete, and allspice CO2, and replace them with frankincense absolute, jasmine absolute, and nutmeg absolute).

We provide the Oil Kit to make it easy to obtain the specific 18 essences that are required to complete the Natural Perfume Workbook. These are 5 ml each of very high-quality essences. You are welcome to obtain essences from other sources, but please note that it is essential that the 18 essences be in the specific form required by the workbook. For example, the workbook calls for lavender absolute, not lavender essential oil.

Top Notes: Bergamot essential oil, Black Pepper essential oil, Blood Orange essential oil, Geraniol natural isolate, Ho wood essential oil, Tarragon essential oil

Middle Notes: Clary Sage essential oil, Coffee essential oil, Jasmine grandiflorum absolute, Lavender absolute, Nutmeg absolute, Ylang Ylang extra essential oil

Base Notes: Coumarin natural isolate, Frankincense absolute, Labdanum absolute, Oakmoss absolute, Peru Balsam resin, Vetiver essential oil.

If bought individually, the total cost of these 18 essences is $424.
Our Price: $400.00