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Face and Body

Aftelier elixirs and balms are a luxurious combination of fragrance and richly nourishing ingredients; they leave a veil of fragrance on your skin or in your hair that mixes beautifully with your body chemistry:

- To celebrate my twenty-fifth anniversary of making Face Elixirs, I have improved the base oils, working for many months to create a soft, smooth and easily absorbed cashmere-like texture.

- Our rejuvenating Face & Body Balms melt into your skin, providing deep hydration and long-lasting moisture, leaving you with smooth and supple skin and a sense of well-being.

- Our Body Oils are nourishing non-greasy lightweight oils that absorb easily into your skin, immediately moisturizing, softening, and conditioning. They are great on hair too.

- As I have gotten older (like, 70), I can no longer use commercial facial cleansers, so I created my own nourishing Cleansing Oil that can be rinsed off with warm water.

Jasmine Face Elixir Lavender Face Elixir Rose Face Elixir
Face Elixir 20 ml

Our Price: $70.00
Face Elixir 20 ml

Our Price: $70.00
Vetiver & Frankincense Face Elixir Frankincense  Face & Body Balm Rose Face & Body Balm
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Geranium Cleansing Oil