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Ancient Resins
Body Oil 50 ml

Ancient Resins Body Oil & Hair Elixir

Holiday 2023
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Holiday 2012

Ancient Resins was created for the legendary Leonard Cohen. It features an unusually high percentage of precious oils -- a very generous amount of frankincense, paired beautifully with Balm of Gilead (poplar buds). Completing this fragrance are other resins that have been treasured since ancient times for their spiritual and healing properties: benzoin, elemi, and labdanum. This deep, rich, sumptuous, balsamic fragrance is in a luxurious and non-greasy base of jojoba and fractionated coconut oil, which leaves a subtle veil on the skin and mixes beautifully with your own body chemistry. Please shake before use. As a hair elixir, apply a small amount to clean, towel-dried hair, from mid-length to ends, to nourish hair and give it extra luster.

50 ml Bottle

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Created by natural perfumer Mandy Aftel for (and in close consultation with) the late, great Leonard Cohen, this oil is a delicious, warming blend of resins, frankincense, Balm of Gilead (poplar buds), benzoin, elemi, and labdanum...Use it as a perfume oil, a body oil, or my own favorite, a hair oil (rub it gently into the tips of almost dry hair). One could quite conceivably also use it as a beard oil and if you do, I will hunt you down and smooch you.”
-- ClaireVukcevic@basenotes

The sweet pear floats up first and exists in the space of air that never really touches skin and fades quickly, the closer my nose comes through the layers of atmosphere surrounding my body to press against the source, the stronger the coffee becomes. The dark roasted beans pair with primitive wood firs that smell more of bark than needle. More roots than resin. There is a softness here in the fragrance. It is not jarring with caffeine and evergreen. Same delicious airy formula.
-- The Redolent Mermaid

It’s not sharply resinous, as the slightly camphoric scent is actually marked by a soft haze of Balm of Gilead aka Cottonwood oil. Fresh resinous buds have been traditionally used for inflammation due to rheumatism and arthritis, but the essence also works well for dry and scaly skin such as dry eczema and psoriasis. You’ll see this delicate accent grow stronger over time, ineffably with the right amount of dustiness on skin.
-- Beauty Huile

For those seeking a more subtle form of personal scent, as well as beneficial moisture for the skin, Aftelier's new Ancient Resins body oil and hair elixir may be perfect. Originally created for the legendary singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen, Ancient Resins features generous amounts of frankincense and Balm of Gilead (poplar buds), along with other resins used since ancient times for their healing and spiritual properties (benzoin, elemi, labdanum). This deep and rich balsamic fragrance has been added to a moisturizing blend of jojoba oil and fractionated coconut oil.
-- Fragrantica

As you drink deeply from the sultry well of resins and spices present in Mandy Aftel's newest body oil, you soon realize that it's no small wonder that the ancient Egyptians would literally get high by enclosing themselves in spaces filled with frankincense smoke. It makes an ideal gift for anyone who loves intense, earthy fragrances, has chronically sore joints or muscles, or those who worship at the altar of Frankincense, one of the most perfect natural substances on Earth. The scent profile is rounded out by Balm of Gilead, benzoin, elemi and labdanum. This is the real deal, and it will blow your mind.
-- Eyeliner on a Cat

Along with the empirically and scientifically tested Boswellia Frankincense resins, employed for their anti-inflammatory pain relieving qualities Mandy added balsams and resins to create the desired effect of sweetness within the fragrance, bringing the scent away from “churchy” to a yummy bright wood-resin sweetness that suits any skin chemistry and compliments any perfume.
-- Perfumer Pharmer

...just as everything else Mandy touches: it's divine. Frankincense, labdanum, elemi, and benzoin lend a calming, soothing hand to the ridiculously smooth impact this oil has on skin AND hair. Sigh...
-- Simply Pretty

I’m a huge fan of Aftelier’s oils for the body and hair. This new blend, initially created for Leonard Cohen, is perfect for the holidays with its resinous scent of benzoin, elemi and frankincense. Frankincense in some ancient cultures was believed to cleanse the home from evil spirits and attract angels. Let’s start 2013 off right. Let go of all of that 2012 baggage.
-- EauMG