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Amber Tapestry
Eau de Parfum Spray 30 ml

Amber Tapestry Eau de Parfum Spray

Scent Family: Ambery
Amber Tapestry is evocative of vintage perfumes where the various amber facets are woven together like a golden tapestry. Jasmine grandiflorum blended with jasmine sambac create a gorgeous richly layered jasmine. I interlaced various resins to create my dream of a sweet and powdery amber base. Shimmering ambergris embroiders a luminousness sheer texture and castoreum lends a touch of leather. Amber Tapestry is based on a seamless and complete weaving together of jasmine and amber wrapping around you like sumptuous warm cashmere.

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Character: Amber, warm, comforting, smooth, soft, seamless, caramel, powdery.

Fragrant Notes: powdered yellow mandarin, cinnamon pear, jasmine grandiflorum, jasmine sambac, sweet ambers, leather.

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Amber perfumes abound, but the deft hand of Mandy Aftel, renowned for her natural perfumery, has created an amber that is textured, golden and complex; a perfume of amazing dimension, as if strands of honeyed jasmine, pear, heliotrope, and cinnamon are no longer notes but the warp and woof of an antique rug.
-- Michelyn Camen@CaFleurbon

…A lustrous brocade of both benzoin and labdanum woven together with jasmine sambac and jasmine grandiflorum. I love that Mandy combined these two jasmines in order to create a full floral experience in Amber Tapestry. Yet, for all of the floral beauty that is present, for me, Amber Tapestry always comes back to the benzoin…Soft and enveloping fragrances are always welcome during these chilly months of course, but Amber Tapestry is more than that. Its overall effect is that of golden adornment which has swirls of earthy vanilla and sensuous jasmine to catch the light and rich suede to add texture and richness within its fabric.
-- ScentHive

This perfume has a comforting enveloping quality that reminds me of the best orientals, but does not have their density or their weight. This is a golden perfume for the cold days of winter, but the warmth comes from a thick gathering of jasmine flowers which seem to act like densely petalled insulation. The massed blossoms are gold, a filigree of golden flowers keeping you as warm as a heavy coat lined in gold satin. That’s the comfort level of Amber Tapestry. Mandy has done something unusual here because she has made a perfume that should fall in the very heavy ambery oriental spectrum, but has opened up the perfume with flowers, and made the notes legible.
-- Blacknall Allen @APerfumeBlog

...a fragrant mirage of warmth shimmering like an aura. … Powdered gold dusted heliotrope and yellow mandarin blossoms unfurl their nostalgic ivory petals…honeyed jasmine blossoms abound in the heart, sweetened by pears and spiced by cinnamon. The overall heart accord strikes a breath taking honey tone. Aged and deep and golden…As this exquisite natural beauty weaves its threads of silk and gold to tell its story, sturdy and warming cords of amber wool, underlying the whole piece, provide strength and longevity to the aroma. Downy pelt, living animal, golden sheen, dark warmth; the amber base holds all of these in a magical brew … setting off the florals to antiqued perfection.
-- Redolent Mermaid

Amber Tapestry opens on my skin with a glorious blast of powdery heliotrope offset by a juicy mandarin citrus that feels almost as if a lilac-colored bouquet has been blessed with a scattering of drops of fresh tangerine juice, at once tart and sweet, and absolutely captivating. The top is subtle, allowing the floral fruity heart to come forward and engage your senses … slightly indolic jasmine mixed with ripe cinnamon dusted pear juice. Underneath all the floral, citric, and spicy beauty is the mix of amber, castoreum, and labdanum, combining to add a soft leather note, creating a subtle and VERY sexy growl instead of a lion’s roar, quiet, sensual and cozy, but with teeth.
-- Robert Herrman@CaFleurbon

The top has gauzy heliotrope and sweet mandarin, avoiding any potential bitterness arising from more traditional lemon/citron oils. That grandiflorum/sambac heart is augmented interestingly with pear and cinnamon; these seem to add curve and gold-flecked eau de vie to the body of this beautifully orchestrated scent. The base uses the glistening charms of ambreine and caramelised maltol blended with coumarin, castoreum and resins to fill in the heavier stitching and touches of contrast to bring the composition to life. Amber Tapestry is exceptional perfumery, something I think I will need to have in my collection; my skin seemed to come alive in it.
-- @ScentofElegance