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Cleansing Balm 30 ml

Berry Cleansing Balm

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The fresh berry scent is from the powerhouse trio of cranberry, raspberry, and blueberry seed oils. The rich golden color of the balm is from the kpangnan and berry oils, and it has a luxurious creamy texture and consistency that melts on contact with your skin.

The carefully chosen ingredients are:
- Raw Shea Butter – full of vitamins A & E and fatty acids, protects and moisturizes the skin.
- Kpangnan Butter - has a silky texture, with high amounts of stigmasterol, an anti-inflammatory plant sterol.
- Raspberry Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Blueberry Seed Oil – with their delicious berry aromas, these oils are high in vitamins A & E and Omega 3, 6, & 9 fatty acids. Good for aging skin, they are rejuvenating & regenerative and help hold in moisture.

Scoop out a dime-sized amount of Berry Cleansing Balm onto your dry hands with the included spatula. Massage thoroughly onto your dry face, easing tension and drawing out dirt and toxins. Remove by pressing clean DRY washcloth into the skin. Do NOT rub.

There’s a synergy in the base oils chosen for my cleansing balm and cleansing oil, and the berry and geranium scents layer beautifully. Their individual properties are enhanced when used together, making them more effective and nurturing.. I like to do a dry double oil cleanse on my face in 2 steps, starting with this Berry Cleansing Balm and following with my Geranium Cleansing Oil.

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Our Price: $60.00


"It comes in a sleek round glass jar with black hard cover. Be prepared this is not your Dollar store jar, it is quite heavy.

My mind did rapid calculations, if the jar was that heavy and the contents slightly over an ounce, how long would this last? At $45.00 this wasn't going to break the bank, but I also wanted to get at least a month's worth. Directions on the jar stated to use a dime's worth of product, which included flat nice size spatula. Use on a dry face, massage with dry hands.

The product itself is not a loose goopy paste, but firm and solid necessitating the use of spatula and using the exact amount laid out by Mandy. Any additional product is a waste. Get prepared to be in the "zone". This is not the kind of cleanser to slap on and wash off. The berry scent was a bit much initially, but quickly changed into a fresh pleasant almost slightly medicinal scent which encouraged you to keep massaging the entire face and neck. The problem was that I did NOT want to stop massaging my face. The scent was so inviting , the massage was , in my opinion, therapeutic bordering on sensual and my face had a healthy , just been to the spa glow. After 45 minutes, I forced myself to take a clean damp face towelette and gently patted the product into my skin.

My face never looked so good. It had a plump glowing appearance that allowed my makeup , with all steps included, to go on smoothly , and stay that way for hours. I felt that in all truth, I did not really need the application of makeup.

This is destined to be another win for the Aftelier Atelier. It is sublime, superior, sensual, superior, sensational, scintillating and may meet my challenge by lasting the month with proper use!!!"
-- @sheltgirl on Instagram