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Cepes and Tuberose
Mini 2 ml

Cepes and Tuberose Mini


The only natural perfume named a
CaFleureBon Modern Masterpiece!

Scent Family: Earthy Floral
Wild mushrooms, with animal undertones and one of the world's most voluptuous florals. Wild porcini mushrooms and Italian tuberose play a mysterious and earthy duet. One of my more enigmatic perfumes, it has won many awards and fans. --- Chosen as one of "100 Perfumes Every Perfumista Should Try" by Now Smell This.

0.25 ml sample $8

Character: Soliflore-Earthy, dirty floral, unique, slightly sweet dry-down, fresh earth, dry.

Fragrant Notes: porcini mushrooms, tuberose, bitter orange, sandalwood and rosewood.

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Cepes and Tuberose reminds me of what I’m likely to forget – that in natural perfumes, you are dealing with…soul. The kind of soul never found in any clinical lab of formulae notebooks and abstract concoctions of abstruse concepts… I can honestly say I have never known anything like it… It is not for the faint of heart, not for the timid or unassuming. There is a mighty soul in that little bottle, a soul unlike any other, with a magic…like no other. It fades away slowly to a whisper, fades back to that earthy, carnal porcini, before it’s gone.
-- Scent Less Sensibilities

For Mandy Aftel’s fragrances, it’s a tie. I fell in love with her work in Henri Bendel’s, before the "metamorphosis" and crowding of the fragrances. The two which really caught my nose in a love lock were Cepes & Tuberose and Tango. Utterly divergent from one another, yet palpably earthy: one, all mushroom-y delight married to the indolically floral beauty of tiny, potent tuberose; the other, a salty, sweaty smoky headiness that is giddying—the fancy footwork of coffee, ginger, tobacco giving way to champaca’s floral ecstasy and the delirium of roasted seashells, echoes of Venus arising from the waves. I was awed. I still am. I wouldn’t want to have to choose, and I don’t have to.
-- Fragrantica

The result was a warm, intoxicating tuberose with a nearly animalic undercurrent brought forth by the earthiness of the mushrooms. As Cepes & Tuberose continued its transformation, the tuberose again took the lead, bringing forth a heady sweetness accented with notes of vanila. On final dry-down, I was left with a creamy floral that lingered on my skin for hours.
-- Lipstick Musings

“After a few minutes the opening notes mellow and meld into a sweet orange muscat with a buttery tuberose note complementing. This stage lasts for several hours on my skin, and it finds me putting my wrist up to my nose constantly, thinking ‘This just smells amazing’.”
-- Another Perfume Blog

A beautifully wearable fragrance that keeps me riveted with a sweet, almost confectionary character. A masterpiece.
-- Perfume Smellin’ Things

One of her most unique fragrances is definitely Cepes & Tuberose, union of a noble flower, erotic and precious, with an ingredient that draws a strong link with the land: mushrooms. The high-quality tuberose is juxtaposed with hints of forest and soil that make it even more sensual, animal notes accentuate the erotic potential of the flower and increase their carnality.
-- Found In Translation

Cepes & Tuberose brings out the base layer of my soul, the one that only knows black and white, good and bad, hot and cold, big and small, and nothing in between. The layer of my soul that wants it all at once and knows it’ll get nothing, because there are no levels of grey for this part of me. This borderline layer that separates my raw, animal nature from my human makeup that I acquired over the years of growing up, of becoming an adult, trembles with exited tension, because in Cepes & Tuberose it recognizes itself and dares to show its face, kicking and screaming, laughing and giggling, exited, exalted, free.
-- Olfactoria’s Travels

Cepes and Tuberose - fascinating and original
-- Bois de Jasmin

The composition of Cepes & Tuberose is uncluttered. The two main ingredients are so rich, complex and charismatic, that any other notes have to be "quite simple. The cepes and the tuberose intertwined was all the star material that the perfume could aesthetically accommodate." A little bit of citrus in the top notes brightens the fleshy dark-brown of the blend, woods seem to both enhance the creaminess of tuberose and to add to the dry spiciness of porcini. This is undoubtedly one of the most unique tuberose perfumes- and much more than a tuberose perfume.
-- Perfume Smellin' Things

Earthy, clean and utterly original.
-- Lucky Magazine

The fragrance is based on a combination of wild mushrooms and an earthy hue that makes it somehow erotic. It is a really animal perfume and not for the faint hearted. The floral theme makes it even more erotic rather than pure... This is an innovative perfume that can challenge the senses.
-- Smell This Scent

So unusual, for a natural perfume to be able to manipulate the notes in such a way as to remove those two over-the-top aspects of each essence so that you have the freshness of a rain soaked earth quality without dirtiness, and the floral high without turning the corner into over-sweetness. The combination is both primal and refined.
Almost like making a discovery, rather than sensing the beauty of a composition, I was so struck by my first exposure it was like witnessing two essentially different worlds/cultures meet and instead of colliding they enhanced each other.This perfume is like poetry -- condensed, powerful, skillfully hitting all the sweet spots in the pleasure and memory centers directly.
This is a most remarkably beautiful thing and my favorite of all the Aftelier fragrances I have tried.
-- IndiePerfumes

This is one of those scents that sum up to a whole lot more than the individual notes in themselves. It IS an autumn forest, but it's a sunny one, a happy one, one that is chock full of pheromones, smiling at you, beckoning to enter.
-- Fragrant Fanatic

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