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Welcome to Slow Scent: Aftelier Perfumes and the Aftel Archive of Curious Scents!

At My Perfume OrganAt My Perfume Organ Hi, I'm Mandy Aftel! As a perfumer, I create fragrances from my exquisite collection of only pure and natural essences, culled from years of searching for the most beautiful varieties. Everything I make is free from synthetics, parabens, glycols, and petrochemicals. I blend and bottle all my products by hand in small batches in my Berkeley, California studio. I have written 5 books about natural perfume, and teach people how to create natural perfumes through my workbooks and in-studio classes. Click for more about me or my books or my workbooks.

My liquid and solid perfumes contain only the purest, most sublime natural essences from around the world. Liquid perfumes are available in Mini and Quarter-ounce sizes, and Eau de Parfum sprays.

Solid perfumes are offered in the Aftelier handmade Sterling silver case as well as gorgeous one-of-a-kind antique cases. My products are sold exclusively on my website and are not available in stores.
Embers & Musk       Liquid and Solid Perfumes

Experience the History of Fragrance at the Aftel Archive My Aftel Archive of Curious Scents is a small museum devoted to natural aromatics and artifacts. Here you can smell more than 300 essences -- and take 3 samples home. Touch and smell the raw botanical materials that become perfume essences, pour over turn-of-the-century perfume books, and compare 100-year-old essences to their modern counterparts. Open every Saturday 10am-6pm.
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