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Welcome to Aftelier Perfumes and the Aftel Archive of Curious Scents!

At My Perfume OrganAt My Perfume Organ Hi, I'm Mandy Aftel! I fell in love with natural aromatics more than twenty-five years ago, and I have had the privilege to live and work in their world ever since. In my practice of perfumery, I have curated thousands of gorgeous essences from all over the world, many of them antiques themselves. I have written 4 books about natural perfumes, and teach people how to create natural perfumes through my workbooks and in-studio classes. Click for more about me or my books or my teaching.

Aftel Certified applies to all the essences that I use and sell. I never use synthetics. All of my plant essences are derived from 100% pure & natural botanical sources. The vast majority of the oils that I use and sell are either wild-harvested or farmed in small batches with sustainable practices and without pesticides. For more details click here. Aftel Certified

A Selection of Aftel Archive ExibitsExperience the History of Fragrance at the Archive I opened the Aftel Archive of Curious Scents - a small museum devoted to natural aromatics and artifacts. Here you can smell more than 300 essences -- and take 3 samples home. Touch and smell the raw botanical materials that become perfume essences, pour over turn-of-the-century perfume books, compare 100-year-old essences to their modern counterparts. Every item in the Archive is authentic and original, some dating back hundreds of years. Open Saturdays. Click for more info or to buy tickets

I create fragrances from my exquisite collection of only pure and natural essences, culled from years of searching for the most beautiful varieties. I blend and bottle all my products by hand in small batches in my Berkeley, California studio. I have a small line of liquid and solid perfumes, face and body products, perfumed teas, and Chef's Essences. They are sold exclusively on my website and are not available in stores. Click for more about all my products Rainbows of Perfumes (above) and Chef's Essence Sprays