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Embers & Musk
Mini 2 ml

Embers & Musk  Mini


Scent Family: Musk
Embers and Musk is a smoldering fire of a perfume. I couldn't resist the sweet smoky wildness of pine tar, and wanted to marry it to the clean musk of ambrettolide. I love the transparent etherealness of botanical musk derived from ambrette seeds recalling the scent of clean skin. The musk darts in and out of the smoky airiness of pine tar woven together with guaiacol -- the component of whiskey -- which lends a delicacy to the perfume's smoky facets. Pink pepper absolute, an essence that is no longer available, adds a bit of spice and berry. The narcotic red champaca absolute, which I buy from the grower, is one of the most extraordinarily gorgeous floral essences, boasting an equal measure of sweet spice and heady floral. I included just a smidge of red champaca -- to add a voluptuousness -- but not enough to register as floral. The dry, light freshness of Japanese yuzu paired with apple lends a sheer elegant brightness to the opening of the perfume.

.25ml sample $7

Character: Sweet smoky, clean musk, wild, ethereal, dry.

Fragrant Notes: ambrettolide, pine tar, guaiacol, pink pepper, apple, red champaca, yuzu.

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