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Forest Bathing
Perfume 8 ml

Forest Bathing 1/4 Oz.


Scent Family: Woods
The divine alchemy of air and trees: the experience of the forest cannot be fully captured in words or images, because it is made up of the richness of aromas, the mood of light, the texture of air, the drama of upward motion, and our place inside that verticality.

.25ml sample $8

Character: woody, clean, crisp, cool, airy.

🌲Forest Notes:
•Hinoki – radiant woodiness
•Fir absolute – jammy sweet forest
•Cypress bioabsolute – rich, spicy, mossy
•Sugi wood – Japanese cedar, creamy with sandalwood facets

💨Air Notes:
•Myrrh from Namibia -smooth, fresh, resinous
•Pear- crisp and cool
•Linalyl acetate – a slice of bergamot
•Cypress – clean, airy, oceanic
•Beta ionone- transparent wood violets

💫 When you purchase this 8ml flaçon, we include an empty 2ml Mini bottle, for you to fill. A perfect portable version of your perfume!
Our Price: $235.00


Mandy Aftel has used only natural ingredients in her Forest Bathing perfume, almost as if the trees gave it to her. Forest Bathing, both the activity and this fragrance, makes your heart soar. It chases away the relentless weight of life's minutiae and just for a few hours, you feel as light as if you are brand new again. And if you can't get there? Mandy's fragrance will take you there as if in a dream...
-- Samantha Scriven, I Scent You A Day

Forest Bathing is a conceptual perfume that, on the surface, points to a relatively new practice in Japanese culture of immersing oneself in the forest, nourishing environmental empathy - a healthful practice of slowing the body, walking through the forest and taking in its subtle sensory triggers. There is clearly a metaphor here - a form walking through space and obtaining energies from what is around it, much like the dual nature of the perfume's construction.
-- John Biebel, Fragrantica

Forest Bathing perfume provides an ephemeral experience shot through with shafts of light, much as one might feel as they wander through the woods on a fine clear day. It is the portrait of a singular moment of time, trapped in resin.
-- Ida Meister, CaFleureBon

Forest Bathing : Mandy Aftel’s startling new perfume, using an elegant two-tier counterpointing of forest and air notes that flicker apart and mix with glorious ease. Forest Bathing is beautiful, the forest notes radiant, trees watching us beneath crystalline air notes. Everything mingling to create a perfumed wandering of expert oddity in a cathedral of halcyon green.
-- Alex Musgrave, Ever Dandy Silver Fox