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Superb Double Sided Banded Agate and Champlevé Enamel Victorian Snuff Box
Gorgeous Victorian Banded Agate Snuff Box

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Superb banded agate double-sided beveled oval Victorian snuff box with champlevé enameling. The red, green, and blue enamel floral emblems  that encircle the box are all outlined in gold enamel on a white enamel background. The  orange, cream and translucent agate displays subtle beautiful bands of changing color. Champlevé is a particular technique of French enameling where areas are cut out of the metal base and filled with enamel of various colors and fired. After firing the whole surface was polished and smoothed to make the whole surface level.  It has a tactile polish which only comes with great age & handling.  This case is a 1.9" x 1.6" and and the price includes 1/4 oz (8 ml) solid perfume of your choice.
Our Price: $535.00

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