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Hey Jude
Mini 2 ml

Hey Jude Mini


Scent Family: Soliflore
Of the over one hundred roses that I grow in my garden the one with the most intoxicating scent is the David Austin rose Jude the Obscure. Jude, with its quietly elegant blossoms the color of clotted cream and its endlessly unfolding cup-shaped petals, exhales a peachy rose fragrance with an under-current of sheer clean musk. I created Hey Jude, an exquisite fruity rose, using my Jude the Obscure rose for inspiration. The foundation of this luscious peachy fragrance of both Jude the Obscure rose and Hey Jude perfume are musky aromas. Something I had read about in antique perfume books but had never done before: I used all three historical animalics together - musk, civet, and ambergris. I was amazed at the elegant synergistic way that all three together made the rose shimmer.

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☞Character: peachy rose with light musk.

♫ Fragrant Notes: bergamot, yellow mandarin, apricot, peach, Turkish rose, ten-year-old ambergris tincture, Ross' aged musk, antique civet.

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Mandy Aftel's latest perfume is endowed with a vital and thoroughly modern feel; effortless, gravity-defying, I would describe Hey Jude as a gladsome, timeless scent which anyone would enjoy wearing. . . . . her triumvirate of true vintage animalics whose purpose is purely to underscore this rose varietal's pristinely musky subtext; they never overstay their welcome or trumpet their presence, for their objective is to make Hey Jude glow. This they achieve as the halo effect which surrounds mouthwatering peach and apricot notes, the good humor of bergamot and yellow mandarin, and a honeyed dewy rose with hints of pepper.
-- Ida Meister, CaFleureBon

Hey Jude is a pinnacle among natural rose scents, indeed among any rose scent, and if you have any tender space in your heart for the Queen of Flowers, then hunt this down. Juicy, startling, fruity, musky and roses, roses roses. Mandy has used an ancient musk tincture left to her by a late student and friend, Ross Urerre. She also went all-hands-on deck with the animalics, using civet, musk AND ambergris. A brave step, but did it work? Yes indeed, 100%. Hey Jude is by turns, sexy, peachy and musky, but overall, you will smell like you live among roses in the last century, when roses smelled like they oughta and filled the air with their incomparable song. There is a hint of hot body in here too, I should warn you, but that's what happens when mischievous civet is let loose!
-- Samantha Scriven, I Scent You A Day

Aftel has brought this rose to life as a soliflore composition through an interesting grouping of all-natural notes, and a curious combination of musk, civet, and ambergris. First slightly sharp like a freshly cut blossom, a combination of citruses (bergamot and yellow mandarin oils) join with Turkish rose to create a fragrant chord of music, sunny and optimistic with just a small hint of complexity behind it. Followed soon after by milky sweetness and a gentle hint of apricot and peach. This creamy-fruit scent is fascinating for a rose, close to Turkish delight in its sweetness and floral "tang".
--John Biebel, Fragrantica

On to the scent! OHHHHH! Mossy citrus opens. It’s fresh and cool. This only lasts less than a minute before Hey Jude turns quite animalic on my skin. Animalic but powdery. I don’t know if you’ve ever grabbed a past-its-prime rose and torn the petals off before strewing them on a pathway or throwing them over a bride. This scent has the texture of that ultra so, powdery petals in your hand. The scent of a past perfect bloom in my memory is also a strangely honeyed, lightly also past prime fruit-ish rose. How has Mandy captured this so perfectly?
-- Portia Turbo, Perfume Posse