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Solid Perfume 8 ml

Fir Solid

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Scent Family: Dry Woods
With its rich jam-like notes of forests and fir trees, this perfume is the perfect walk in the woods. Fir absolute has an aromatic quality of stone fruit along with fir trees. Beautiful on its own, Fir blends beautifully on the skin and adds a cheerful, warm, uplifting sweetness when applied over florals.

Our 1.5" square handmade compact was designed by Mandy Aftel to fit well in the palm of your hand. Made from one ounce of sterling silver, it holds 1/4 oz. (8 ml) of solid perfume. Presented in a handmade silk pouch in your choice of orange or purple.

0.25 ml - $8
Our Price: $305.00

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While I detest most "holiday" fragrances, sprays, and candles, I swoon over the smell of pine trees. Mandy Aftel managed to capture that element of nature perfectly.
-- W Magazine’s All-Time Favorite Fragrances

This is what Aftelier Fir smells like: it is the smell of being alive, of cold weather and rosy cheeks, and the uplifting sweetness of anticipation. Needless to say, I’m a tad bit obsessed. I have been wearing Fir with everything!
-- Beauty, Bacon, Bunnies

The Firscent is a forest with dappled light, a thick fruitiness mixed with trees and earthiness and sunshine.
-- Shannon Honeybloom

Fir solid perfume has a particular bright, jammy quality that I've found in several of Mandy Aftel's perfumes. One of the golden threads running through many of them is a flair for adding fruity elements to enhance the major notes and to cast some sunshine on the entire blend. These are not snow-covered trees, these needles have been sun-warmed and are sticky with resin. It's a truly charming and sensual fragrance and a year-round favorite of mine.
-- Eyeliner on a Cat

The texture of this solid is superb. It’s smooth, no waxiness. The best feeling solid that I have ever used. It wears like an oil. It wears closely to the skin, but not as closely as most solid that I have tried. Like I said, this solid has “oil throw.”
-- EauMG

Fir is more of a classic resinous (and quite mossy!) composition which plays on many a perfumista's favourite tune: the smells of autumn in the country, a walk in the woods, leaves trampled underfoot... The overall ambience is one of gentle sweetness and a little bit of dustiness, Aftelier Fir is warm and inviting, possessing asucculent quality which I cannot put in better words than "jammy.”
-- Perfume Shrine

Fir Solid Perfume, also in a base of beeswax and jojoba oil, is herbaceous, earthy and savory likes olives in Barcelona. It’s delicious and would be more so when worn by an other of significance. The two scents mixed together will transport you to a shaded arbor in a rose garden at twilight and that’s what I call an alchemical get-away.
-- BeautyNewsNYC

“One full ounce of sterling silver makes this beautiful handmade compact, designed by Aftelier Perfumer Mandy Aftel. The compact is presented in your choice of an orange or purple silk pouch.”
-- Perfume Pharmer