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Solid Perfume 8 ml

Jasmine Solid

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Scent Family: Soliflore
Grandiflorum jasmine with blood orange and pink grapefruit. Jasmine flower is a very seductive scent; it will woo you. I balanced the heady, intense, narcotic floral aroma with the brightest of citruses. People enjoy being able to carry this perfume with them, applying it when they want to brighten their mood.

Our 1.5" square handmade compact was designed by Mandy Aftel to fit well in the palm of your hand. Made from one ounce of sterling silver, it holds 1/4 oz. (8 ml) of solid perfume. Presented in a handmade silk pouch in your choice of orange or purple.

0.25 ml - $8
Our Price: $305.00

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To celebrate this beautiful day, I am wearing lush Jasmine solid perfume by Aftelier Perfumes. Everything about this perfume is sensuous, not the least bit prim, from the materials to the composition of the notes
-- Eyeshadow Government

Aftelier perfumes are very unique, different from anything I've ever used before. They're perfumes are all natural and that makes a world of difference in a perfume… It's supposed to brighten you up and I do see that. It's a positive scent and particularly good for those days when I'm down or stressed.
-- Ribbons and Pearls

The Jasmine solid perfume is a sunny, sexy dream.
-- Nosy Girl

I’ve never really fallen for a perfume. Now I realize that maybe I just didn’t know where to look. Aftelier’s Jasmine perfume leaves me content and light at heart.” It is a floral, sweet, uplifting, happy, soothing, and sensual scent. The happy sparkle of citrus — blood orange and pink grapefruit — adds radiance and sunshine. Jasmine is said to increase joy. It’s true for me — especially with this perfume and the way this blend of essential oils comes together.
-- Honeybloom at Home

Aftelier has a gorgeous Jasmine solid perfume that's housed in a handmade sterling silver compact. Jasmine, blood orange and pink grapefruit come together to form an unusually joyous and uplifting fragrance.
-- Fete a Fete

Jasmine solid perfume opens with a tart note of pink grapefruit and sweetness of orange, which are a nice counterpoint to the lush opulence of jasmine. Amplifying its fruity facets, citrus creates a scintillating burst, given the presence of aldehydes in its oils. The solid perfume melds into the skin creating a gentle veil of sparkling jasmine.
-- Bois de Jasmine

The main thing my nose smells when it's been on my skin for the first 30-50 minutes is Japanese Cherry Blossom. There's something else that I've desperately been trying to put my finger on, but just can't. On my skin after a while, it takes on this scent of something soured and something sweet. It does have a rainy, fresh scent to it.
-- Ribbons & Pearls

I love how the grapefruit and blood orange in the Aftelier add sparkle and brightness to balance jasmine’s natural trance-inducing charm.
-- Sensibilitea

“One full ounce of sterling silver makes this beautiful handmade compact, designed by Aftelier Perfumer Mandy Aftel. The compact is presented in your choice of an orange or purple silk pouch.”
-- Perfume Pharmer