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ScentCatcher AromaCone

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Smell better! Smell safer!

Our ScentCatcher™ AromaCone™ is a scent amplifier that acts like a magnifying glass for your nose. This elegant device focuses the aromas under it and creates a denser stream of odor molecules for you to smell. The AromaCone also maintains "nasal distancing" as part of a contact-free smelling experience. It provides a safe separation between you and what you are smelling, and from the other noses that smelled it before you. Inspired by an original suggestion from Becky Saletan.

It assures safe smelling of aromas for entertainment, research, educational, manufacturing, quality control, medical, forensic, culinary, religious, or diagnostic purposes, in environments such as retail stores, restaurants, schools, movie theaters, music concerts, museums, botanical gardens, and factories.

The AromaCone folds flat and can be reused over and over. Place the wide end of the AromaCone over what you want to smell: essential oil, perfume, scent strip, wine, etc. Position your nose over the top of the cone and sniff.

$2 each (minimum order 5 cones).

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Our Price: $2.00
(Minimum order):  5