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RARE AND SUPERB: Four Pairs of Embossed Birds Charmingly Decorate Signed A. Lebey Handmade Sterling Antique Patch Box
Spectacular One-of-a-kind Solid Silver Antique Patch Box

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RARE AND SUPERB: Four pairs of embossed birds decorate this spectacular signed A. Lebey handmade sterling silver antique patch box. It is signed by the silversmith twice: under the far right tree "A.LEBAY' and in far left tree, in the lower trunk, features the intertwined "AL" monogram. The scene depicts two carefully-rendered adult birds, two babies, two in flight and two on a branch. Trees, flowers, and leaves and, even a church in the distance, complete this charming scene. Antique original mirror with gold braided rope edging in lid, and gold vermeil inside. Three silver hallmarks: one on the inner lid rim and two on the bottom. This patch box has a ring which allows it to be worn as a locket. It is 1.6 inches across, and the price includes 1/4 oz (8 ml) solid perfume of your choice. Patch boxes came into use during the 18th century at the court of Louis XV, where the use of "beauty patches" was popular. A beauty patch was made of gummed silk and was pasted on the skin as a "beauty mark" to emphasize a woman's facial feature, usually the cheek.
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