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The Art of Flavor:
Practices & Principles
for Creating Delicious Food

The Art of Flavor


I wrote The Art of Flavor with my dear friend the 2-Michelin-star chef Daniel Patterson. We teach cooks at all levels how to rely on their senses--not recipes--when making a meal, arguably making this the last cookbook you'll ever need. From historical examples to the scientific underpinnings to pragmatic rules & phrases, we help home cooks understand better how to achieve the flavors they want.

Hardcover signed by Mandy Aftel. If you would like the book inscribed to a particular name, please specify that name in the comment field when ordering.

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In this wonderful book, Patterson and Aftel demonstrate that cooking well is a personal, exciting process, a flow of choices that starts with an intimate engagement with the ingredients themselves. They make the case that this is the surest way for cooks at any level to develop their discernment and creativity. The Art of Flavor is a valuable reminder that just as the experience of eating delicious food unfolds in an individual's mouth and nose and mind, so too does the making of it.' Harold McGee

Daniel Patterson and Mandy Aftel have written a sophisticated and totally harmonious guide to understanding flavor and taste. I admire their collaboration in this homage to the senses, as well as their practical approach to cooking with both freedom and restraint.Alice Waters

I learned a lot about my own cooking habits in The Art of Flavor. After many years as a cook, I usually choose, combine, adjust, blend and season ingredients in an impulsive, instinctive way when I cook a dish, relying on some innate knowledge I have absorbed throughout the years I';ve spent in the kitchen. I have discovered the Cartesian logic behind my practice. Jacques Pepin, chef, cookbook author, and PBS cooking series host

An amazingly thorough and holistic investigation into deliciousness. It serves as a brilliant guide, pushing you to trust your senses and experiment with food, and offers a multitude of recipes to draw upon for inspiration.René Redzepi

This book will change the way you understand flavor and will give you the tools to be courageous in the kitchen. The Art of Flavor had my head spinning with fascination and inspiration. Sean Brock, author of Heritage

Even as a professionally trained pastry chef, I find The Art of Flavor to be revelatory. The opportunity to broaden how I think about flavor profiles is timely. As we grow two new sister businesses, I now have increased confidence in my ability to create and place composed, signature desserts with restaurants. Linda Naylor, www.EssentialConfection.com

I’m here to tell you that seasoned cooks CAN learn new tricks. With the rare exception, the lion’s share of recipes in Daniel and Mandy’s book are composed of ingredients to which most of us have access. They make sense. They are NOT twee impossible dishes which are designed to demonstrate how far the cook will go to impress. Many recipes span comfort food, meals for family-sized portions, for real-life: yours and mine. In this way, it is a rarity and a great source of pleasure.
-- Ida Meister, CaFleureBon

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