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Violet Ambrosia
Flask 6 ml

Violet Ambrosia Flask


Scent Family: Soliflore
The pairing of violet and broom flowers creates the perfume of fresh honeyed violets. Broom (Genêt), a small very fragrant flower, smells divinely of honey -- like inhaling the open air in a field of wildflowers. My broom absolute, rare and expensive, has aged for over twenty years, resulting in a sui generis deepening of the honey notes. The soft violet is backed by the creamy smooth sweetness of vanilla and sandalwood, greenness from the leaves of the violet, a hint of fresh berries, and accentuated by crisp bergamot. The mimosa and ylang flowers offer a dusty warmth to the violet flowers. Light and fresh, sweet and transparent, this honeyed floral perfume captures the experience of burying your nose in a bunch of freshly picked violets.

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Character: violet, honeyed, warm, light, fresh, sweet, transparent, green.

Fragrant Notes: aged broom, alpha ionone, vanilla, violet leaf, raspberry, ylang ylang, sandalwood, mimosa, bergamot.

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In a three-dimensional way, Aftel has us reaching down initially to smell these earthy violets, next to equally small (but powerful) broom flowers nearby, and finally we're standing in the midst of a field, taking in traces of all the wild growth from far afield
-- John Biebel, Fragrantica

Violet seekers, we have found our paradise. Violet Ambrosia took my heart straight away. Many a time as a child, and as an adult, I rubbed a violet petal between my fingers only to be disappointed at the lack of scent. Violet Ambrosia has cured me of my violet seeking, because now that scent has been captured and bottled.
-- Samantha Scriven, I Scent You A Day

Violet Ambrosia spirals around the natural evocation of limpid violet, sun-warmed with a twenty-year aged broom (genet, ginestra) absolute and dollops of mimosa, among other elements. Anyone who has smelt broom is aware of its intoxicating sweetness. I don’t often endorse a blind buy of any sort, but I will here. If what I’ve imparted appeals to you, then I’m certain that Violet Ambrosia will not disappoint.
-- Ida Meister, CaFleurBon

Aftelier Perfumes Violet Ambrosia is the latest to show me honey which is not honey. I have been looking back over the year to remind myself of the best. Violet Ambrosia will be on that list. Some powdery mimosa and carnal ylang-ylang sing of innocence and not. Violet leaf adds a focus before things diffuse too much. Vanilla and sandalwood form an appropriately warm woody foundation.
-- Mark Behnke, Colognoisseur

This is a gentle kiss of a perfume. It opens with a virtual handful of broom flowers (from an aged broom absolute), smelling like sun-warmed hay — grassy and slightly sweet, almost almondy. Its heart is violet, of course (thanks to the natural isolate alpha ionone), with its honeyed facet boosted by mimosa and its powderiness supported by the vanilla and just a soft touch of sandalwood. Violet Ambrosia turns duskier and more subdued over its development.
-- Jessica Murphy, Now Smell This

Mandy Aftel’s new Violet Ambrosia...blended skilfully with a classically floral proper violet heart note as well as an unexpected dance partner of broom absolute. This is an interesting choice of contrast: the cheering, yellow floral broom note makes a sunny counterpoint to the more doleful violets.
-- Neil Chapman, Black Narcissus